Monday, November 1, 2010

Kind words & followers

  Just returned from housesitting and checked my blog. So many kind and encouraging words and followers. This is really a wonderful thing!
Gen.Bouton and 1st wife Maggie Fox wedding certificet. This needs to be rescanned and I will try and clean it up.

Mystery couple

My grandfather "papa". Having the luxury of not having to work, Papa cooked, and would get up for the night time baby feedings. Born in 1895 he was my great grandparents only child. General Edward Bouton was 60 when his son was born. His trunk from mid 1800's was passed to me in 1988. I need to take some pictures of the inside. It is lined with red paper and Victorian images.

From an old children's school book


Lululiz said...

Thank you for posting more images! Lovely selection. I am glad you are going to rescan the first image, it has such a beautiful border.

Jann said...

Love the "mystery couple" and the photo of your grandfather--

Louise said...

Dear Jann, so glad you stopped by. It warms my heart that you liked the picture of my grandfather. I loved my Papa very much. He lived for 91 years.May we all be so blessed.There will many photographs of him to come.Much love, Louise