Monday, November 29, 2010

Morning Glory's, Romantic Couple & Victorian Children for you.

I have missed my blog and all of you so much! Before Thanksgiving I was able to fix some of the problems with my computer. Then just left it for the weekend. So tonight I am getting going again. Yeah!! The next few days there will be  lots of pictures in order  to catch up. As I was looking for new things for today there were so many that I think you will love. The first is from a turn of the century cover of piano music. The other images also came from sheet music books.

So far so good. The first pic's for the day. Much love and welcome back, Louise


Lululiz said...

I love the first one, it is so delicately coloured.

Sheila said...

I really love this grouping and look forward to the next posting. I will use ALL of these for my cards that I make.
Thank you for this lovely site.