Monday, November 8, 2010

Old old book covers and images from 1850's

Good morning everyone! A happy day for all.
    The sun is shining after a rainy Sunday. Looking out my desk window are old walnuts who are trying to celebrate the fall and have both yellow and green leaves. In front is a beautiful Japanese maple with rusty red leave's Very fall.
    The colder weather has my 2 cats  sleeping closer together and to me.Furry lap warmers.Very cozy and cute.
    Last week I purchased one of those little units with lots  of little drawers.( another find from the Legacy thrift store) Someone had attached 3 of them together. I took them apart and washed them. Thrilled and  having fun filling up all the 57 little drawers! Very very fun. The Legacy has boxes of free fabric and occasionally patterns. On Saturday I scored 5 vintage sewing patterns for free! It is the best resale / thrift store. I'm thinking of listing them on ebay.
    Last night I stayed up late looking through some old books from 1800's. Most have few pictures but wonderful images and engravings. I think you will enjoy them.  Tupper's Proverbial Philosophy and Thousand Lines is from 1853. The red pic is perfect for your Christmas creations.

Dear Mr.Tupper To think that someone read this 150 year old book by candle or lantern light.

     This is just the start of the days images! Must tend to other things for a while. Much Love, Louise


Lululiz said...

Thank you for sharing the images with us!

Debby said...

Thanks for sharing, they are lovely.

bumble button said...

So glad you are enjoying them.Blogging is just so fun! much love Louise

mrsjudys said...

I have been saving all your images like crazy! I love the old book cover. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Isn't this fun!