Thursday, December 2, 2010

A blank canvas? A rooster,Victorian curtains,Photo's of 2 women,and a frame for you to use. As always Free clip art

   Welcome to everyone. The sky is gray and cloudy and it is cold out there. Now my bed on the other hand is white, warm and very comfortable. Guess where I'd rather be!  I just love my flannel sheets, fluffy and warm down comforter and my favorite pillow. All in white, a blank canvas for dreams day or night.
    Thank your for the kind words and becoming a new follower to VBR at

    I have all afternoon for scanning and posting images. Yes!!! Where do I start: First very ornate curtains from 1850's.

A few lovely lady's. Huge flower corsages and lots of buttons were most in fashion!

A rooster from a child's music book.

This is the first post today. Thought I had better post this now before I get lost in all my ephemera paper stuff! So enjoy, Louise


Lululiz said...

Thank you! Another bunch of great images, you really are so sweet.

Anji Johnston said...

You are so generous! I love to open your new postings to see what goodies I can work with! Thank you so much

Andrea said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos!