Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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   Hi and welcome to visitors and my followers!
   Today was an actual a craft day for me. I am trying to make a bracelet out of baby shell buttons. Shell buttons that still have their luster are like pearls to me. The itty bitty baby ones are beyond cute. I have tried to polish older ones with baby oil. It works except for really old and scratch ones. In the future I'd like to decorate a purse and a throw pillow. When I visit other blogs it amazes me at how prolific some of you crafty creative ones are!
    Looking into files for something fun to post resulted in this potpourri.                              
  A few fashion plates from the 1920's. What any flapper would love.
from an old magazine
A entry wouldn't be complete without at least one photograph.

Lady like activities for young ladies..
This is just a quick post. Hope you are are finding time for creating lots of fun and beautiful things. Much love, Louise

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Lululiz said...

I just love the baby picture, its gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your great images.