Thursday, January 13, 2011

My First Challenge!!! Jane Austen and Victorian Calling Card!

Hello and welcome,  to all new friends and followers and visitors who just stumbled upon
 Bumble Button      
  HOW FUN this blog world is!!!  I just love you all for coming by.
        Is the best way to respond to your comments by e-mail or should I go to your blog and leave a comment??
   Coming across one of your lovely blogs is  like finding the best trading card for a sought after baseball player or when I was young the Beatles! Remember those cards? I think they were in bubble gum wrappers. We would get so excited and put them in our stash to look at over and over.
     I know there are Artist Trading Cards but how about blog trading cards?( or are they the same thing?) real ones in the mail or by email?  Like leaving a calling card in Miss Jane Austen era or Victorian times.
      Is this how a challenge works?  If so than this will be my first challenge!!!

  Bumble Button is pleased to announce my first CHALLENGE!!!
  Create a calling card
 What ever that means to you.
Out of what ever you like,simple or fancy.

 Let's see.. Then I will make one to send to you. Should these be sent by email? or real mail?I could post them on my blog so every one can see!! ( if you are shy say "just for you" not for posting).
    Let's see...I will post them once a week say...on Monday's? Well there you go the challenge is on!!  Any guidance or suggestions regarding a challenge please fill me in?
     I can not tell you how tickled pink I am about this! Love Love a project!!
I just have to post this now. Photographs etc to come latter
Much love to all , Louise
P.S. Dear Andrea ask about the size. I hadn't thought of that. so  2" x 3"  or up to 3"x 4" sounds about right.
Now I will be making my own  very first ever little collage,paper thingy. L.B Bumble


Andrea said...

I absolutely LOVE Jane Austen! This sounds like a wonderful idea! I'm a digital artist myself, so by email would work the best for me. How about calling card size? Can't wait!!

bumble button said...

Oh Andrea I am so glad you like my challenge! Size? hmm .. Calling cards are small,generally about 2" x 3". how about that size? and Up to 3"x 4"if you would like. Kinda loose guidlines but art and creativity are boundless. Love Louise

BLISS angels said...

are we mind reading? because I came to your blog yeserday and after see your wonderful image went back made some digtal art and posting on my blog say it was like a calling card.....I would love to take part Hugs wendy

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Oh this sounds like so much fun Louise!! I'm just learning digital but could email you a picture of a card that I make out of paper. I'll get started on one soon.
Louise, do you have a badge for your blog that I could add to my side bar with a link to you?
Have a beautiful weekend~
Carol Anne

Liz said...

Visited your lovely blog for the first time today - what beautiful pictures! This sounds like fun.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

I've just discovered your blog...when is the calling cards supposed to be posted? Are we posting on our blogs and then leaving a link here at your blog?

Stephanie ♥

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Yes, it does sound like fun..I will give it a try.
Also, if you will come over and see what I have done with a couple of the images I have "snagged" from you very generous offer here on your blog.
I have linked the image to you blog.


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

OK....I have the SAME question as Steph...don't know where to post them.


stampdiva said...

Hi. I followed the link from Marie's Blog. I am interested in your challenge, I live in Scotland, would that be an issue if mailing? Would be delighted if you contacted me. Lynne M