Friday, February 4, 2011

I am sick. yuk what a bother.

Hi everyone. This Bumble is not  bumbling very well and it is most annoying!
This week I have not been feeling well. Not quite a cold or flu but my cough kept getting worse. Went to the Dr. today and was astounded at what they think I have. Whooping cough or pertussis!!!! Isn't that the craziest thing. It will be very interesting if the lab work confirms this. Now as a child I had all my shots and vaccines so this is out of left field. It turns out that we need adult boosters.  Children and adults who are not vaccinated are getting sick, sometimes mildly(or are carriers) and this is challenging those of us who are vaccinated. Be sure and look into this. We all have children and family who could be harmed.   As I feel better I will return to posting new images and photographs. Thank you for your patience. Much love to you all. So happy you stopped by, Louise


Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

OH my goodness...SO are going thru this. I did not know this fact regarding adults. I know kids are virtual "germ factories" may have pick it up from a "little one."

Found this info on Google..
Louise is right... as to JUST how important this issue really is.
( You may have to cut and paste link into Google. )

TAKE CARE MY FRIEND...REST, REST and more REST... ** I also love to put Vicks on my chest..and run a vaporizor too.


Dorthe said...

I wish you ,to soon get better,

I love your blog.

Liz said...

Hope you feel better soon. Snuggle down with a good book and a hot drink. Best wishes, Liz

Anonymous said...

Hello! I just found you from Victorian Rose! What a delightful blog! Of course, I signed on as a follower and am adding you to my favorites!!! Thank you to Rose!
XO Diane

Andrea said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

alveen said...

Hi Louise... Sorry you are not feeling well, take care and look after yourself. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Lululiz said...

Oh no, you poor thing, I do feel for you. I hope you get better real soon. Very interesting what you had say, and it is quite worrying really. Ever since I had that awful flu just after Xmas, I have had a cough I can't get rid off. Perhaps I need to go see a doc after all.....