Thursday, March 31, 2011

Free Clip art Antique Victorian Easter Postcard Images, Bunnies Eggs and Sweet Chicks

Let's see what do I want to work on today... How about super cute Easter images! Just about all of the following are taken from antique postcards. Victorian and early 1900's all  are pre 1923 so you can use them any way you want. Free. Well first up are  these sweet little toddlers painting eggs.
Bunnies delivering their eggs in wheel barrows.

A mama bunny and her little boy bunny. Late Victorian era.
Hope you can use these in your projects. Celebrating sunny days and spring feels so good. Yesterday was warm and sunny so I wasn't bundled up in layers of clothing for a change!
See you next time and thank you for visiting, Louise

Antique,Vintage, tinted and painted photographs and postcards of little girls. Babies in a nest! Early 1900's free to use

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Hi and welcome. Thank you for your kind comments. It is wonderful to hear that you like the images. More and more of you visit every day and new followers! What more could a blogging gal want. No adds and free use of images for all of you as your comments continue to inspire me.
Today is old vintage and antique picture postcard day. All sweet little children posing for pictures long ago but still being seen and used by so many. This sweet little Asian girl is so precious. I do not know what country she is from but I just love her.
Isn't this hysterical!! Three little "bird's" in a nest. How they got these kids to stay still for the picture is amazing. Looks so scratchy and uncomfortable. Three little bird's in a nest

Seems like I already posted this but .. here it is anyway!

Thought someone might like this one because it has brother & sister. Also the tinting or painting is unusual with the yellow boys sailor suit.

Another darling little girl.

It is so easy to come up with different caption because of her expression. Lots of different colors! That green on the table leg and her hair are very 1920-30.
Last but not least, a Victorian little girl with her dolls. I just love this one.
Enjoy them all and make lots of pretty things with them. Much love as always to everyone of you, Louise

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Janet Laura Scott Illustrations from Good Morning Dear Children

Thought you may like a few more pictures from the children's book "Good Morning Dear Children"To me they are precious. The colors and subjects are irresistible. Children feeding geese, mama kitty cat and her kittens are too cute.
It has rained sooo much this year. The thought of sunshine and playing in the garden is heavenly.

Be sure and record some of your stories so they can be enjoyed for many years to come. I remember being at my grandmothers house, tucked into bed, with my grandmother laying beside me telling the most wonderful and magical stories. She did not read from a book but told them from her memory or imagination. Of course I never feel asleep but it was very special.

Enjoy the cheerful illustrations. Much love to you all, Louise

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just a quick post, Victorian litle girls with kitten, Late 1890 Girls Dress, Portrait of a beautifully dressed woman.

     5-16-2012 Making repairs to my blog. Lots of images will need to be reposted
Thursday afternoon was a beautiful day because of the sunshine and I went to my little shop. It was such a treat to visit with some of the gals.My drawer was not overflowing with new button donations, but there are some pretty ones. Someone loved fabric covered buttons and saved them off their vintage clothing. Now I wonder what they were going to sew them on next?  

Luscious fancy Edwardian dress.
 Love this pretty white dress!!! Samantha, the American Girl doll from the same period  needs this dress. I have an antique baby dress that  has beautiful white work or eyelet that would be perfect. Much of it is not in the best condition but it is still very hard to cut. Wonder who was the sweet baby it was made for.
Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely Sunday, Louise

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Antique tinted photographs,1700's clothing and costumes, free for your clip art needs.

 Good afternoon to you all! Welcome.
 I really like the pictures of the day(or should I say week). My treasure trove of images continues to grow. Cleaning them up and searching for new ones is a just a tad addicting. Your responses have been so encouraging and an inspiration. The fact that I actually have a blog is settling in as the months go by. The number of visitors everyday continues to grow. But this will always be a blog free of advertising. My goal continues to be providing free pictures,images and photographs. Who doesn't like to find something for free!
Yesterday morning I actually felt better when i woke up!!! Same thing this morning. How this bug has held on is crazy. I have never been sick for weeks on end. I am sooo anxious to get into the Legacy! It is always the best to see what has been donated and hopefully my drawer is not too stuffed. Besides feeling crummy, many of the volunteers are seniors and it has been important to not expose any of them to my virus. So I have missed my little shop for weeks now.
Ladies from the 1700's in their beautiful dresses or costumes. I have been collecting similar cards with the muted colors and lovely period clothing.
Sweet little girl! Turn of the century with swallows which seems to be the bird of choice for so many of the images from that period.
This vintage picture, from an old postcard. The first I have seen that has so many colors and a yellow background. Most have only a few colors.
Just a sweet little card.
And a sweet little girl.
I just love the outfit on the woman. A dancer maybe? Two antique tinted photographs.
Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy! Much love as always, Louise

Thursday, March 3, 2011

1900's children's book illustration and shoe.Antique Tinted photograph, Frame etc...Free Clip Art

     5-16-2012 Making repairs to my blog. Lots of images will need to be reposted
  Dear visitors and followers, welcome!
     Were have I been you may wonder. Just sick and cranky! Today I actually feel better.Since I have not posted for so long this post is rich with lots of pretty pictures.
      Do you know about swap playing cards? I have just discovered them! In an old scrap book,late 1930's, there are pages of single playing cards pasted inside. Originally I thought it was a fun hobby my aunt did. Now I have found out that these are collectible and people still collect single swap playing cards. Isn't that fun! They are very securely glued onto the pages and I am not really sure how to best remove them. I soaked a test one in water and it worked but I do not want to ruin some of the other cards. Any suggestions?
     I just love those decorated little match boxes so I hunted around and found a little box that has a drawer.It has to have a drawer. So glad I did not throw it away! It is going through it's make over and hopefully will turn out nicely.
I love the mountains! This reminds me of Glacier National Park in Montana. It has been a very long time since my last camping trip. Might not be so easy to sleep in a tent at this point! I am much slower at getting up.

Isn't this lovely. turn of the century illustration.
When I came across this shoe I just had to post it. It was in excellent shape and so pretty and feminine.

Well there you have it. New pics for your scrap booking, ATC and collage projects. Have fun and enjoy creating. Much love as always Louise