Friday, September 9, 2011

if you like free clip art of Romantic Regency Jane Austen,Victorian and Edwardian 1920's ephemera and collectible buttons

  Please help me save the Legacy!!!
      The Legacy is going through changes!
First the good news. In the coming months a total remodel of the store is scheduled. There is a temporary location but it is smaller than our little store. This is happening during the busiest season Oct-Dec. What were they thinking!!! On the bright side there will be new flooring and fresh paint.
Now the bad news.
         She is no longer working at the Legacy and we want her back! What a valuable asset that we have lost! She set the tone and feel of the store. Many of our incredible donations have come in because of her. Personally she has changed my life. Many of the volunteers are begging to get her back. At last count 10 have resigned.There will not be enough volunteers to stay running. It is just not the same. Going in yesterday was a shock. All the character was gone. So much of it belonged to Sherry. The vintage aprons and quilts and framed historic lace,beautiful baby dresses and on and on. Even the dresser that holds our vintage linen is gone. She has been so generous to share them with us. Even the rugs her father made for her son and daughter were in the store.
     Bumble Button would not be in existence with out her influence.
So if you like my blog or use my blogs images  please post a comment!!!
 I will then take them into the Senior Center to show them how far Sherry's goodness reaches.
We were just at the point of selling the beautiful buttons,lace and trims on etsy or ebay. I really was trying to make them available to you all. I love my followers and think you should have a chance at the many unique treasures that come in. For all of you across the world. Now that is history if we cannot get her back. The same grumpy person that is responsible for her departure also has stalled the etsy / ebay project
One time a large donation came because of Sherry. The family just wanted their mothers quilt finished. Sherry did it. She has made up little starter sewing boxes for the little girls who come in. For free as a gift.
  Cathe Holden of  JSIM " Just Something I Made Shops "shops  here. I know that is name dropping and hope she does not mind but it is the truth.
You can also send a letter to;
 Denise Whitehead c/o  The Legacy
781 Gravenstein Hwy South
Sebastopol CA 9547
I hope you can help in some way.Thank you so much for visiting my little blog. I really do love it. Louise


marda said...

I am truly sorry to read of your frustrations at the shop. When someone who has such a wonderful influence goes it leaves a hole that's hard to fill. I believe I've been through your beautiful city, years ago. I personally would LOVE to be able to purchase vintage buttons, lace etc. from an etsy shop, I'm always on the lookout for just those things. I hope for your sake and those whom you've helped through the thrift store will see this turn around to the good.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get Sherry back and your little store gets it's life back! I would love to visit your shop via Etsy!

Isabeau and Mischief said...

Oh dear, I know your feelings have been there my self.
tell us what to do to get your angel back. I can not bear to think of the loss for the shop. It takes a special kind of angel to create beauty of the shops nature and a giving heart. will light a candle for your angel and for you.
My sincere hope, Isabeau

Sandie R said...

I haven't commented for a long while but I do love the images you post. It sounds like you have lost the heart of "The Legacy" with Sherry leaving and it is such a shame when toxic people bring about that change. I hope my comment goes some ways to getting Sherry back. I love to shop in quaint stores that have character and take you back in time. They are much nicer to shop in than the modern bricks and mortor stores of this century.

I would have been a regular customer of the vintage buttons and lace Etsy store for sure as my other hobby requiers victorian period costumes. Here is hoping that there is enough comments to bring Sherry back to The Legacy.

Sheila A. said...

This is a sad post for many people. I do hope that you can get Sherry back. She must be quite something and have a huge influence. Good luck.
Sherry, I hope that you will be back and that all works out.

Jocelyn aka JoBear2 said...

I adore the images you post and love to stop by your blog to see what you have posted. I REALLY hope you will get Sherry back. I too would love to able to buy vintage bits and bobs on Etsy or EBay. Vintage is so popular at the moment that I am sure they would sell very, very well. Here's hoping things turn around and the store will be back to what it should be. So sad when things change and someone as special as Sherry isn't there to make such a difference. Why change something that was working so well and cause such a special store to lose it's soul? Pls tell the management I want Sherry back!! And soon!!