Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall leaves and colors in paintings and vintage postcards. Eugene Gasset pattern.

Fall, a beautiful season !
First rains, brilliant colors. Time to warm the house with decorations and scented spicy candles that reflect the season. Today I have old paintings, a vintage postcard and a calendar page. The last image is by Eugene Grasset. They all reflect fall in the warm oranges browns and yellows.
Hope you are having a nice day. Settled in with paint, scissors and glue creating something special.
Your comments always warm my heart and I am grateful for them.
Bumble buttons holiday schedule
Christmas on Mondays
Halloween on Wednesday's until the end of October
 Thanksgiving on Thursdays in November.
New years and party themes starting in December
Everything else in between!
Play in the leaves and drink some cider!
much love to you all, Louise

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♥ Yolanda ♥ said...

Great images, thank you!!
Hugs Yolanda