Saturday, October 15, 2011

Portraits from 1700's, 18th century Women in opulant clothing Marie Antoinette time period

Hi everyone! Welcome to new and returning visitors alike.
 So many of you like the 18th century clothing and portraits. It was time to have that as a theme of the day. The wealthy women of Marie Antoinette's time had such amazing clothing.Wealthy being the important part of the equation.The paintings make me want to play dress up! It would be so fun to wear an accurate ensemble of that time.  Once in awhile I have come across blogs that are focused on period costuming. I did not keep track of them so any blogs you might want to suggest are welcome.  These lovely ladies are so femine. A perfect element to enjoy or use in a creative endevor.
Your comments have been the best. Thank you for your continued suppoet. Much love to each and everyone of you, Louise

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This is a favorte one today. She would look so pretty in a gilt frame. Very French.

this one has a extra large version


Julie Forest said...

Such beautiful images!! Thank you for sharing! :)

Jackie Herbert said...

Do you know who any of the original artists were?