Thursday, May 24, 2012

Joy and Delight in a beautiful day! Modern Priscilla Magazine covers from the 1920's

Hi everyone. The following pictures came from the old magazines I mentioned earlier.
 The flowers and happy kids make me happy and wanting a field of flowers to play in!

Thursday is button day at the Legacy. My drawer must be full as I was not able to go in last week. 
 Everyone is so nice and I always have a good day. It won't be the same with Marie vacationing in Sweden but she must be having a good time! Looking forward to hearing about it when she returns. 
Now it is off to start my next post. Much love to you all, Louise

P.S. I want to thank you for letting me know what you like about my blog posts. "There really are people out there!"
  Though I do not reply to each of them, all are read and saved.


peggy gatto said...

Just so delightful!
Thank you!!!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Thank you so much sweet friend!!!! These are just lovely....hugs and love, Dawn

marda said...

If only life were as simply and lovely as these old images always portrayed. I do love them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Louise, for these lovely images of another day and age. They are a reminder that we all need to make time in our busy lives to get together and simply "play". Do enjoy your weekend. Enjay xo

Anonymous said...

These are very sweet and simple...
Thank you Louise
Big hugs


Marian Cates said...

Love your joyful images.