Friday, October 5, 2012

We need buttons! Free Clip Art 1890's Fashions Make a Witch! Donate a Button Win Antique Lace and Trim

Hi everyone! Thursday was another wonderful day at "my" shop, The Legacy. We are so low on buttons. The store receives donations all the time but not many buttons have come in this month. If you have any to spare we would love to have them! Our address is:
The Legacy
781 Gravenstein Hwy South  
 Sebastopol CA 95472 

The store manager gave me the O.K. to hold a drawing. Mail at least one button (or as many as you can bear to part with) to enter. On October 15th we will hold a drawing. The prize will be a bag of bits and snippets of old lace, thread and other goodies.

 The store has a plastic flowerpot full of buttons and each child that comes in can select 3 free buttons. They love it and it keeps them happy and busy, searching for just the right one. But our pot is almost empty!!
Now for some free clip art. My sister sent me a picture of these fabulous witches.

 I have just the thing so you can make your own. They are fashion plates from the 1870's.

 Here are some button ideas I found on pinterest: