Thursday, July 25, 2013

Life = Change.

Mind if I just ramble on for awhile? Months without a word or picture and today I am writing about some of the events  in my world. Some happy some sad. The one constant thing in life is change.
    First, yes I love the royal baby thing. How fun to see new parents in love with the new little person who just arrived! Remember how that felt when you had your babies? So refreshing. I am really impressed that Daddy William is so involved. Even changing a diaper/nappy. This all brings back so many memories of when my son was born.
    There are changes at "my" little shop. The manager is leaving. Kathy is such a dear and I will miss her. My fingers are crossed that her replacement will be as easy to work with as Kathy is. Today I will find out more when I go in.
    Marie, my button buddy had surgery on Tuesday and I am so anxious to hear how she is doing. Hope to find out how it went today. She prints the button cards and sorts buttons and makes the whole button thing fun.
     My family, oh yes my family. My mother decided it was time to sell her house. At 81 she felt it was time to simplify her life. What changes that meant for all of us! So much transpired over those two months and the dust still hasn't totally settled. Not to be too dramatic but it was traumatic in many ways. One of my sisters said it was like selling the family farm. Mom's simplifying her life made things very complicated for the rest of us! This is especially true for my sister who lived in the house (mom had remarried and moved out years ago). The house sold in a few days with over 20 offers and it is just a simple little house! One of the best things that happened was that it was sold to a young couple with a new baby girl. The playhouse my brother-in-law made for my niece was one of the things that helped them decide to buy it. How sweet that their first home is the house my mom loved so much!

In May my dear old cat Thomas went totally blind. He was not adapting at all. He would get lost in the house and was only secure on or next to me. He had other heath issues in addition to being blind and it was time to say goodbye. The vet was very nice and felt it was the most compassionate thing to do.  Now he is buried in my friend's rose garden. Thomas was the perfect cat for children when he was young. Very accommodating. Thank you Thomas for so many happy memories.


Karen B. said...

I so sorry about your Thomas. I am sure where ever he is now he is feeling so much better and especially without any fear because now he can see again.
I send you many heartfelt hugs,

Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Laura Morrigan said...

That sounds difficult, both the loss of your childhood home and the cat companion. I hope your new manager is lovely!

Mona_63 said...

Wszystkiego dobrego... dziękuję za gratisy :)

jayne said...

welcome back! Life does change, we finally closed my father's estate by selling his home this May, it was hard. And Thomas looked exactly like my Goldie who passed 2 years ago, he too was such a joy, we gave him fluids for 2 years until he passed at age 19. Take your time in posting but it was good to see this update!

christopher said...

Aw how lovely your puss is,i used to have a tabby called Thomas,unfortunately he died of old age.I now have a schitzoid cat called Kitty, who would bite your finger off if she was in a funny mood! But we love her anyway.Keep well.Rosie.

Lou Anne Hazel said...

Thank you for sharing all of the fabulous mermaid pictures. I love them all!

Roxie said...

Thank you for sharing your feelings and some observations in life-- many folks out there (me included) live with folks whose specialty is not identifying with your feelings, or sharing theirs...
What's life without feelings and beauty like on your wonderous website?
I do understand about life changes, you can feel like a surfer trying to stay on the board as each new wave comes!!
Condolences about Thomas, your kitty-- kitties are a bit more complex and mysterious creatures than dogs, but such captivating companions all the same!
Thanks so very, very much for your beautiful blog .......... neat-O!

Constance said...

I enjoyed reading your post.
Sorry about your kitty Thomas. He looks so precious in the photos. Have a great weekend!

The Rustic Victorian said...

I am so sorry for the change and loss in your world, I truly understand, and I will pray for you.
Your creation here on your blog is just sweet as can be and very sharing. I hope you keep going here.
Southern Hugs!