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Friday, January 3, 2014

Free Printable Antique and Adorable Valentines from 1910 - 1920's

Hi everyone! How has your day been going? 
These sweet valentines are so colorful and vibrant they will brighten any one's day!
Valentines day has arrived at The Legacy. 
So picking a theme for today was easy. I am planning to post many more so that you will have plenty to play with.
This group reminds me of Mary Engelbriet's art work. 
I just love them! 
Our heart buttons look darling on these and they always sell fast.
Thank you for your kind comments.It is so nice to hear from you. 
Now it is time to make valentines!
Much Love as always,Louise

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cute Victorian Cupids and Angels Plus an Edwardian Belle

Hi everyone! Time to get a post out.
 Sunday I had the great satisfaction of demolishing a big old useless, in the way, shelving unit. 'Me and my hammer' had broken that flimsy thing into a little pile of kindling in no time. I donated another car full to the salvation army. Slowly making progress. Playing with the Legacy buttons is a nice break.
It might not be valentines day anytime soon but I could not resit these beautiful old postcards. Edwardian era charm when everyone wrote to each other.
May your day be full of love and creativity, Louise

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

clip art for scrap booking ATC crafts 1920's Flappers Hats Edwardian Girls Sweet Victorian Baby

   Hi and welcome to visitors and my followers!
   Today was an actual a craft day for me. I am trying to make a bracelet out of baby shell buttons. Shell buttons that still have their luster are like pearls to me. The itty bitty baby ones are beyond cute. I have tried to polish older ones with baby oil. It works except for really old and scratch ones. In the future I'd like to decorate a purse and a throw pillow. When I visit other blogs it amazes me at how prolific some of you crafty creative ones are!
    Looking into files for something fun to post resulted in this potpourri.                              
  A few fashion plates from the 1920's. What any flapper would love.
from an old magazine
A entry wouldn't be complete without at least one photograph.

Lady like activities for young ladies..
This is just a quick post. Hope you are are finding time for creating lots of fun and beautiful things. Much love, Louise