Sunday, October 24, 2010

Free Antigue Cabinet Cards

 To excited to sleep, I have been up all night gathering  images. There are so many!  Other than some cropping I still need to figure out how to "cleaning up"the images. It is so odd to write as if there are tons of you following or reading this. The little girl boy looking in the mirror is a very interesting composition considering the age of the picture. Who he is and when it was taken are unknown.

I own the original photographs in this post. The are free to use in anyway except commercially. Please ask if you want to use them commercially.

 The baby picture is my beloved grandmother "Nana" as a baby.The picture was taken in 1903. Wonder what happened to her beautiful little dress? I love old lace, baby clothes, fabric, ribbon, heirloom sewing etc..Another fun thing to post.
Bumbling around on the blogs, I knew I had found kindred spirits.Can't wait to hear from any of you. much love, Louise


Vivayne said...

I think that baby is just gorgeous! TFS!! (that's short for Thanks for Sharing!)

Louise said...

Dear Vivayne, Thank you for visiting. I just went to your blog and am excited to see what you have planned. Much love to you and your dear family, Louise

BB said...

I do believe that is actually a little boy dressed in the Little Lord Fauntleroy style. The suit is fashioned after the costume worn by the main character in an 1886 novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The ruffled collar and cuffs, and long curly hair are definite signatures of that style.

bumble button said...

I totally agree with you! Thank you for pointing that out.I have several other pictures of little boys in similar clothing.Now I know the origin of the style. Thanks again, Louise

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I've gone back and back looking at all of your wonderful graphics! An amazing selection! WOW! ♥