Sunday, May 29, 2011

1800's Victorian Paintings to Share With You.~ Regional Folk Costumes

Hello! Finally a new post for you loyal followers and new visitors. The number of followers has continued to increase even with no new post since .
 Today the pictures are fantastic.Exploring the Internet has turned up so many gems. These are for personal use only. Pretty sure they are in the public domain but just in case. I just wanted to show you the beautiful picture that I came across and like.
    Hope you like them too.
I have been reading a lot lately. One of the reason I have been distracted from my blog!
Artist-Pietro Antonio Rotari
The following are from the mid 1800's. Very Victorian! A good reference for period clothing and hair styles.
She is sooo beautiful!
Hope you have enjoyed these gorgeous paintings Thank you for visiting. Much love to you all, Louise