Friday, April 23, 2021

Crowns & Tiaras in Art & Book Illustrations~ Léon-François Comerre Painting~ Digital Clipart for Junk Journal Pages, Greeting Cards & Mixed Media.

 Hi everyone and welcome!

You can never have to many crowns and tiaras in your digital clipart stash. Especially when they are in color. I could not resist the photograph of the queen or princess dripping in jewels. She will be added to my favorites file! The single large crown image is so clear and sharper than I usually find at museums and libraries. Thrilled when I found the painting by Leon Comerre!  A golden crown, rich warm paint colors and the models blonde hair are perfect together. Not only is it a beautiful painting I also found a new artist to learn about. I really hope you like these pictures as much as I do. I am already laying out a journal page in my head. 
Enjoy and feel free to use for your personal art projects.
Much love as always, Louise

"A Classic Beauty" by Leon Comerre

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Mud-larking on the River Thames ~ Free Digital Clipart of Swans ~ Paintings by Frederick Leighton & Rupert Bunny ~Antique Postcards & Pearl Button Card.

Hi everyone and welcome! 

 Modern day mud-larking on the river Thames has captured my sense of discovery, curiosity, and looking for treasures from the past. I search old books for pictures and mud-larkers search the Thames river foreshore at low tide. I will try to remember how I stumbled upon mud-larker Nicola White. One thing leading to another because of how Googles searches can be fabulous. My initial search; American tv series The Office > original UK series The Office > actors in the series > Mackenzie Crook > shows he is in > The Detectorist >  metal detecting in England  > documentaries about British history and archeology > British TV series Time Team > Nicola White's Vlog comes up on my You Tube feed. She is a mud-larker! I did not know that such a hobby existed. I now look forward to Nicola's weekly vlog. It is so calming and a distraction, Her enthusiasm and joy in finding broken, discarded and muddy items is so refreshing. I love the scenery and wildlife which is how I arrived at todays theme. Swans. More times than not she shows them floating on the Thames river or foreshore. The first picture is one I have looked at for many years, almost everyday. It was a birthday card that found a permanent spot on my desk. 
I hope you enjoy todays pictures and that you can use them in your journals and mixed media creations.
                                                   Much love to each of you, 

Nicola White's YouTube Mudlarking Vlog

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Victorian Artists Walter & Thomas Crane ~ Greeting Cards ~ Free Digital Printies

Good morning and welcome!  A few years ago I came across the British artist Walter Crane. I was looking at antique children's books which led me to this prolific and popular artist. His father and brother were also artists. Today I have a few greeting cards for you that were done by his brother Thomas. There are two more cards in the set. I tend to get a tad obsessive about completing sets or matching things. Needless to say I will be on the look out for the other two in color.  I am posting the black and white ones as a reference. You never know what I can find on a museum or library website. So glad I found the Metropolitan Museum of Art online resources. I have been spending many happy hours going over their ephemera and artwork collections. So many interesting works of art and artists.

So glad you found or are returning to Bumble Button. Thank you for the kind comments. Sending love to all of you, Louise

Two pictures are just not enough! A few more pretty graphics.

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Sweet Peas the Second Birth flower for April ~ Free Digital Printies Antique Seed Catalogs & Ephemera

Hi and welcome to one and all! 
This is a second welcome April post.  That's because the month of April has two birth flowers. The daisy and the sweet pea. Today I have pictures of sweet pea flowers to add to the ones of daisies listed on the 1st of April. They have such different qualities! Sweet peas can smell so delightful and there is nothing more cheerful than a daisy. Near my house there is a little patch of wild growing sweet peas that are extra fragrant! I need to see how they are doing this year. Sweet Peas represent; blissful pleasure, kindness and greetings.I send you kindness and greetings. I hope you can blissfully take pleasure in creating something pretty from the pictures!
Much love to you all, 

Friday, April 16, 2021

Delightful Yellow Roses in Paintings and Antique Late Victorian Postcards ~ Artist James Tissot Painting

 Hi everyone! Glad you are visiting my little blog. My computer files are so full of pictures! It will take years to share all of them. I will do my best to keep you supplied with new images, graphics, printies, clipart or whatever you want to call them. All of those terms seem to apply. 

Old postcards, illustrations, paintings and ephemera tend to feature pink and red roses. Yellow and peachy colors are a little harder to find. Happy to say I have just enough yellow roses for todays post. I love the picture of the two women smelling the huge roses. They look like twins or at least sisters. I hope you have a wonderful creative day. Much love to each and everyone of you, Louise

by James Tissot

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Adorable Teddy Bears from Advertising Trade cards, Antique Postcards~ Free Printies Digital Clipart to Make Cards & Decorate Junk Journals

Hi and welcome to all of you!
Who doesn't need a cuddle and a snuggle once in awhile? How many of us as children had a lovey blanket or stuffed toy that we held as we drifted off to sleep? I had several that I remember. One was a pink elephant. When I see Teddy Bears I think of comfort and cuddles. Hopefully you do too, especially because today I have pictures of Teddy Bears. Included are two postcards and several pieces of ephemera from old scrapbooks. They would be really cute in journals, made into greeting cards, or embellish a baby photo album. 
I want to thank you for the kind comments. They are so appreciated and encouraging.I hope you have a wonderful creative day. 
Much love to all of you, Louise
Button card I made to put some Teddy Bear buttons on.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Digital Ribbons Swags and Bows ~ Art Nouveau Frame and Postcard ~For Journals, Mixed Media Artwork and Greeting Cards

Good morning and welcome to everyone! 
Today I have ribbons and bows to share. More pretty pictures for your digital stash. I saw two Junk journals that used the alphabet as a theme to organizing similar images. One was like a child's ABC book. That was all I needed to start searching for something for all of you. I came across the ribbon alphabet in a book on printing. Very different than anything else I have stumbled upon. I have added a few bows and ribbon banners just in case that is something you could use. As always they are free for use in your personal art projects and creations.
Be safe, be kind, and make something pretty today! 
Much love to each of you, Louise