Saturday, February 25, 2012

Favorite things, Love and Sharing and Lovely Paintings

*Remember favorite things*
cats sleeping in the sun or curled up beside me
kind loving people
art and creative expression
a good book
illustrations from children's books
 British dramas on Masterpiece Classics (PBS)
lace, lace and more lace
buttons  shell,antique vegetable ivory, glass, twinkles
                anything itty bitty and tiny
my down comforter
and of course my beloved family

  Remembering  who and what one loves fills me with peace and serenity. All smiley inside.I hope you feel the same after seeing today's pictures.  Love Louise

My daffodils are up!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

4 Sisters,to many art supplies and a Victorian die-cut swallow

Hi everyone! Welcome to my little blog.
      I have been working with my three sisters for my mom's 80th birthday. After all the planning and discussions there is only about a month left. A little panic is setting in as I am making her a gift. Will it be done in time?! It has to be. So in a month I will have pictures of the project that has taken so much of my time. What an adventure. 4 sisters with 4 opinions and ideas. My youngest sister has to deal with 3 older (and bossy) sisters. She is holding her own and handling admirably the conflicts that have taken place.She is so sweet and thoughtful. My middle sister is the one who should have a blog! Very crafty and artistic. I really enjoy discussing the surprize gift with her. She keeps me enthused.

       My middle sister  made a comment about the tendacy to hoard art and craft supplies. Now really, there is no such thing!  We all "need" lots of glue, paper,fabric, bits of lace paint make into our creations. How many of you have a desk or even a roomful of treasures to work with.

       My this is a chatty post! I need to add to your supply of pretty images.  A lovely Victorian die-cut swallow and three Edwardian floral cards are todays pictures. Do you have any requests? If so just ask and I will do my best to find just what you are looking for.
      Enjoy and create somthing beautiful,  Much love Louise

     These images are for your enjoyment and are for personal use only

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

That enchanting time of Jane Austen and Regency clothing

Hi everyone, How is your day going? Today has been sunny so that always puts me in a good mood! Getting a new post on bumble button makes me even happier.

There must be many Jane Austen fans out there.Any postings about her or Regency clothing brings so many of you to my blog. Here are a few more pretty pics to enjoy.
Much love to each and everyone of you
Reminder, all the pictures and images are free for your personal use. So click away!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finally something new!

Hi everyone!
    Today I actually have some new pictures for you. One of the good things that has come out of my computer problems is I can organise new images. It has also been fun searching for new material. The updated Picasa and the new computer have more options for editing pictures. Also I will be able to access things on my old computer once I purchase a new cord. So things are looking up.
    Other exciting news is that the Legacy is setting up an Ebay account!!! Finally you will have a chance to purchase buttons and trim/lace that I mention in future postings. As soon as I get the info I will let you know. We get some amazing vintage and antique items that we don't sell in the shop. And it will soon be on Ebay for any of you.
     So many new followers!! The number of page views has gone up so fast. I think it is because of pintrest. Welcome to all of you. You make blogging fun. Enjoy the paintings, Louise

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Antique school and presentation awards

 Antique school and presentation awards 
I have something to post!! This was a draft so it already had the images. Grateful and relieved to have something for all my followers and new visitors. Someone listed or mentioned me on pintrest and today the number of visitors has soared. I have ask for an invite to join pintrest and look forward to checking it out.
These images are of book awards from antique children's books. A student who did well at something was given a book. Imagine how that book would be cherished.
Thank you for all the comments with suggestions for my dead computer. I did get the old one to turn on but the new monitor stays blank when connected to it. I also found many of my images in Picasa but have to figure out the newer version. So lots of progress. Much love to you all, Louise
Just a reminder, the images are free for your personal use in scrap booking, ATC and other pretty things you make.