Monday, August 29, 2011

Irrisistable Iris.18th century Botanical prints,early 1900's antique postcards and photographs. Free clip art

Hi everyone,Welcome to my blog.
My thoughts and wishes for recovery 
 go out to everyone who have been affected by hurricane Irene. Not the happiest start for a post but it just had to be mentioned.
One of the good things today are the images in my post. My search for Iris pictures turned up some lovely ones. The antique botanical prints are always a favorite of mine. Several of these come in large sizes for framing. Just click on the image. Instant art for decorating!
A bee just came in my window! Jazzy, my cat already has her eye on it. Hope I get too it before she does!
This antique postcard was my inspiration for today's theme - Iris
I just love this one! A 18th century botanical print.

Probable from the late 1890's to early 1900's.

Antique tinted or painted french postcard.

As always these images are free clip art for your personal use. For altered art,collage and scrap booking.
Much love to you all, Louise

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Little Girls and their dogs,a Saint Bernard,Pug Borzoi Dachund. Victorian Paintings and tinted photograph. Free clip art.

     Aside from not getting the things done that need to be done I had a fun day. My three sisters and I are planning my moms 80th birthday party for next March. It has been so much fun talking and brain storming. We all bring something different to the table and so far it has been a blast.Margie,Cathy and Lynn all live close to each other in So.Cal. So I am the out of town'er. Lynn is in charge of decorating and called me long distance so we "shopped" together on her cell phone. Cathy is so fun and is coming up with so many ideas. She keeps things moving which I need! My contribution is to make a special family gift full of memorable events in my mom's life.
Just in the itty bitty chance my mom reads this I will always refer to it  as "the project". When it is done I will reveal it to all of you. There is no way this project and its progress could not be mentioned on my blog.  Thought you should be warned:)! 
    Oh my gosh. I need to find pictures of birthday parties!  Something new to search for!
Now some images for dog lovers. That's an easy and appropriate theme to follow the cat post! The pictures feature Saint Bernards, Dachshund Borzoi and  Pug breeds. One breed I don't recognise.

Thanks for visiting and following my little blog.
Much love to you all, Louise!

Very cute Victorian cat and kitten pictures. free clip art. For collage,scrop booking,altered art,ATC

Hi everyone! Welcome to you all.
Monday I went to the Legacy and dropped off cleaned and sorted buttons. Waiting for me was the most fabulous big batch of buttons. Once they are sorted I will post pictures for you button aficionados.
On to the images for the day!
I have lots of Victorian and early 1900's kitty cat images.  If you need a Victorian image or picture of CATS you have found 18 of them!
Enjoy and create something beautiful. Please mention bumble button as the source. I would love to see what you make.



I LOVE THIS ONE!!! How cute is this cat in a bassinet!

This one is very old.

Beautiful white long haired Persian cat.

A very chubby kitty!

My favorite. She and those kittens are so cute.

 Mister orange marmalade cat is funny.

Much love to you all, Louise

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big beautiful antique butterfly and moth prints free clip and instant art

Hi everyone!
 Hope you are having a pleasant day.
 How about a second post for today.These butterfly and moth prints are so bold and colorful it is hard to believe they depict real bugs. I just had to post them. They are  perfect and waiting for you to work with. Use them in your collage and art projects or as instant art. As always free for your use.
Thank you for coming for a visit.
 Love Louise
-click on the image for a larger version if it is available-

Victorian vegtable and floral garden free clip art scraps for collage and other creations

The warm days of August remind me of vegtable gardens. The smell of the tomato plants and eating crisp pea pods is a favorite.  The Victorian seed books and scraps just had to be in todays post.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Free clip art Antique bicycle graphics and "That husband of yours!" advertisement.

 Welcome to you all.
Another beautiful day in sunny California. The weather has been on the cool side for August which makes me very happy. More mundane chit chat. I have a new mouse in the house. It is wireless and it is a dream. Why did I put up with the frustrating and temperamental old one for so long??!! Finally it died. I was having computer and blog withdrawal with in the first 24  hours.Thank goodness Target had one on sale that was wireless. I couldn't plug it in fast enough.

One thing that turns up with regularity in postcards and ads of the late 1890 is the bicycle.  There is a wealth of images to share with you. That is the theme of the day.

This headline is catching to say the least!

Riding in the snow?

I just love this one. Such a sweet little boy.