Monday, November 29, 2010

Morning Glory's, Romantic Couple & Victorian Children for you.

I have missed my blog and all of you so much! Before Thanksgiving I was able to fix some of the problems with my computer. Then just left it for the weekend. So tonight I am getting going again. Yeah!! The next few days there will be  lots of pictures in order  to catch up. As I was looking for new things for today there were so many that I think you will love. The first is from a turn of the century cover of piano music. The other images also came from sheet music books.
So far so good. The first pic's for the day. Much love and welcome back, Louise

Monday, November 22, 2010

Santa, a Christmas Tree, Vintage Snowmen,Victorian woman and girl Free for inspired crafters and artists

     Oh happy day. I spent most of the day scanning images for you all. I am still learning how to work with Picasa. Cleaning up the pictures and photographs takes time but is fun to do.
    Normally this is the time of year that I sell on eBay (under id lillyvalleyblue). If I stop sorting buttons and searching for images maybe I will start some auctions. I will let you know if I do. My auctions always start and end on Sundays. There will be lots of vintage jewelry, some ephemera,  American Girl doll stuff and other assorted vintage items.
    Today's post is full of Christmas cheer and two antique photographs.
 The following black and white drawings are from inside really old greeting cards. Look for more of  them in coming posts. I just have to find them! I am really looking forward to Valentines day as most are sweet little valentines. It will be so much fun to list several a day in February.
Thought this is perfect for all those who love snowmen.Great bright colors. This is from an early Christmas card.
So beautiful,another pretty cabinet photograph that I do not know the identity of the person. I am guessing this was taken around 1880-90's.
This little girl does not look to happy. Classic mid 1800's civil war period clothing. Plaid was all the rage thanks to Queen Victoria.
In case you haven't noticed (of course you have!) grammar, punctuation and yes spelling, even with spell check, is a free for all. Sometimes when I post in the middle of the night things get really sloppy. If I have taken night time meds. and stayed up anyway,who knows what will appear. At one time spelling was easy and grammar was second nature. It has been a long time since I have written  and used these skills much so I'm very rusty. I sorta think the great speller is just gone! Things would be atrocious with out spell check. So.. this my official disclaimer,  notice and apology.  Well I feel better!
As always enjoy what you find here, use it freely to create whatever and where ever your artful spirit takes you. Much love to you and your loved ones, Louise

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free Clip Art Chestnut Botanical Art, Nelson's Dream Village Vintage Postcard

This is the  second post of the day as I was not able to add all the images to the first one. Why one asks? Well I don't know why! Just when I think I know how to do something(especially with my computer) it just will not do what it's suppose to do! On this rainy day in "sunny" California I am having a wonderful time playing with the scanner, uploading so many new images. It continues to be such a good feeling to share with all of you. The blog world is really worldwide. People from 18 different countries have stopped by! How amazing! What search was the person in Madagascar doing when they stumbled on to my blog? Hope my continued amazement at all of this doesn't wear you out. I am just showing my  gray hair. This is just so much fun. Please continue to leave your comments. It is nice to hear from you.
   I was going to make a big celebration for the 100th image but it came and went so quickly. Today I will be over 150 images, all in the first month of bumble button's creation.
The postcards are from my family so they must have stayed here. Have you stayed at or know if Nelson's Dream Village still exists? On the back of the post card;
 See and hear the musical fountain
 cool nights in the Ozark mountains
free garage
strictly modern   moderate prices
chicken dinners a specialty
good fishing and hunting in season
This advertisement is just for fun. Condensing a "busy man's" life into one pocket. Now we have blackberry's.
Lots more to post in the future, maybe even latter tonight. Much love to you, Louise

Free Vintage Clip Art from a Colorful Children's Book "The Happy Day Begins" Artist Janet Laura Scott

     Like many of you I just love old children's books because of the illustrations. " The happy day begins" is a charming book for little one's. It is over sized with bright colorful images. There are no markings so the artist, author and manufacture are unknown. If you know who the illustrator is please let me know. I always thought the pictures would be great in a child's bedroom. The colors are bright and vintage. My guess is the book is from the 1920-30's. 
Update; I have been told the artwork was done by Janet Laura Scott.
There are so many things I want to post today! This is just the start. Check back in a few hours for more. Much love to everyone, Louise 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just Christmas!1910-20's Christmas cards & Seals, Art Deco Tree,

Hi everyone.How are you all doing? The days have slipped by and already it's Thursday evening. The short daylight takes getting use to. Well on to the fun stuff. Today I have 8 christmas cards for you.  Most are from early 1920's and older. Some are very art deco and current.
This cottage reminds me of Mary Engelbreit designs
There will be more later tonight depending how well I sleep! Insomnia is great for my blog. It has been a while since I actually made  something(other than a mess). My sister gave me a pretty blouse that just does not fit at all but the fabric is so pretty. So I took it apart and re cut the fabric. Just need to sew it back together.

Friday, November 12, 2010

11 Pictures and Book Covers for you.Create Celebrate!

Hi everyone! Just enough time to put some new images up. My goal is to post something every day but I missed yesterday. I have been house sitting at the in-laws. The view is incredible, love the satellite TV but no computer access. Just stopped at my house to check on kitty cats mail etc. The first thing I've done is check my blog! I only have time for a quick post. Please forgive if there are any that are in earlier post. As always enjoy! much love to you all,Louise

Monday, November 8, 2010

Old Book Cover from 1850's

Good morning everyone! A happy day for all.
    The sun is shining after a rainy Sunday. Looking out my desk window are old walnuts who are trying to celebrate the fall and have both yellow and green leaves. In front is a beautiful Japanese maple with rusty red leave's Very fall.
    The colder weather has my 2 cats  sleeping closer together and to me.Furry lap warmers.Very cozy and cute.
    Last week I purchased one of those little units with lots of little drawers.(another find from the Legacy thrift store) Someone had attached 3 of them together. I took them apart and washed them. Thrilled and  having fun filling up all the 57 little drawers! Very very fun. The Legacy has boxes of free fabric and occasionally patterns. On Saturday I scored 5 vintage sewing patterns for free! It is the best resale / thrift store. I'm thinking of listing them on ebay.
    Last night I stayed up late looking through some old books from 1800's. Most have few pictures but wonderful images and engravings. I think you will enjoy them.  Tupper's Proverbial Philosophy and Thousand Lines is from 1853. The red pic is perfect for your Christmas creations.

Dear Mr.Tupper To think that someone read this 150 year old book by candle or lantern light.
     This is just the start of the days images! Must tend to other things for a while. Much Love, Louise

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Antique photographs for Tuesday

     As promised here are a few more antique photographs.
All are from the General Edward Bouton's trunk
Hilda, a great aunt and Elsa's younger sister.
Elsa, My great grandmother from Sweden. 
This one is a favorite. The complete family for the girl with long hair in my Wednesday post.
Enjoy! Louise

It is a Beautiful Day! Family Antique Postcards

    The sun is shinning, amazing fall leaves and new images for all you creative lady's.
Taking my shower this morning I realized how positive all the product names are,
 refresh - nourish - breath
Do you have any inspiring things in your shower?
My all time favorite product name is hope in a jar by philosophy@. I purchased it years ago but saved the cute little jar. It is on a shelve in my bathroom so I see it every day. I love little containers and boxes. Actually anything tiny or miniature.
One of these days I will take and share pictures of my 1930's dollhouse for all those dollhouse lovers. The miniatures and furniture were my aunts when she was a little girl. Over the years I have added other 1930's items. Strombecker & Dolly Dear to name a few manufactures. Love that eBay!.
I just tried to enter Cathe Holden's ( at just something i made)giveaway. Not sure how to send my comment after it is filled out. She has fantastic new stamps for Christmas.
On to the pics. of the day!
Cows and farmer. This is from California long ago. .
On the road side saddle riding for thes gals.
 . 1915 Panama Pacific Expo General Electric post card.
Old advertisement for spring Sanborn wagons 1883
Pretty little girl with doll and little boy playing the drums for your scrapbooking.
This is the only the first batch of the day. More to follow. 
I want to post some photographs.
 enjoy Louise