Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vintage and Antique Button Cards~ Lady Washington and Bluebird Brands~

Hi Everyone!
    Well it is time. Time to blog! Some of you may wonder where have I been. Well obviously I am still alive. I have not been sick except for a cold. Nothing broken or hurt. My excuses; procrastination, down right lazy, Pintrest (so addicting). Yes all of that but one of the biggest reasons is working on vintage button cards. Wanting to make button cards is the original reason I have a blog! 
   Searching for images,scanning old button cards and cleaning them up has been incredibly fun and very time consuming. I can't stop!  Marie, another volunteer has joined in the fun. Thank goodness I have someone to share this adventure with. She has been handling the printing, sorting buttons and helping me sew buttons on the cards.
The response has been so positive. The customers love them and the buttons are selling out. The oohs and ahhs and appreciation from the staff is so rewarding. Who doesn't like positive feedback on something you have created!
    So that leads me to my theme for the day. Old and new button cards! Here are 8 out of the 60 that are finished. I have at least a hundred still to finish up and continue to look for more! Some are my own creations. Please remember I am still figuring this out as I go along. Hopefully the quality will improve. Some of you make beautiful things using the images on my blog but it is a new endeavor for me.
                             Much love to all of you,Louise