Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lovely Flower Ladies from early 1900's ~ Art Nouveau China Painting Designs

These lovely flower ladies are from the early 1900's. Originally patterns for china painting you could use them for other projects. Love the one with a cup full of tea/coffee and the daffodil one.
The Legacy had a donation of old china painting supplies recently. A few plates were done but the rest were in various stages of completion and unfired. I found it so interesting after finding the old books on china painting earlier this year. Be sure and look at my earlier post on 4-25-12.
Thank you for your kind comments. Hope you have a happy and creative day, Love to you all, Louise

For your enjoyment and personal use only. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dancing for Queen Marie Antoinette Antique Theater Costumes

If you were a dancer and Marie Antoinette wanted you to preform, what would you wear?  An appropriate costume for a royal presentation must be carefully considered. These fabulous antique theater costumes would be perfect! Fit for dancing for a queen and finding their way into one of your projects.
Welcome to the many new followers! It feels so good to have something new for everyone.
Much love to you all, Louise

Please enjoy for personal use only.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Bumble isn't dead just been busy in the hive.

Hi everyone! No this is not an abandoned blog. It just seems like one.
 A few weeks ago I woke up and knew the time had come. I really really am done with everything!!.Time to push through all of my belongings (again) in time for the neighborhood garage sale.  There was no way I was prepared in time. Today I woke knowing this is too big of a project for me. So I have contacted Selena at The Apron Thrift Girl.  She said she could help. Not sure what, how or who will be involved but it was time for an s.o.s. I am looking forward to meeting her. Just have to wait for her call. Please call!

Here is an example of how I work/play through my stuff.
      Open box of Christmas decorations
      Take out things that; longer have a sentimental value ie. grandmas velvet Christmas tree skirt               
         2. from people long out of my life
         3.anything broken beyond repair
         4. realistically won't use, like the stand for a huge tree.
                 Why do I have 4 stands for fresh  trees, 2 of which are the same size and I have an artificial tree?
         5. to research on eBay to see if they might be worth something.
       Carefully repack the items I'm keeping.
       Next it is on to eBay > look up mercury glass beads
Sister calls who also checks out what is on eBay> decide to keep beads for future projects!
Get off phone > begin taking apart old strands of glass beads!!! The beads are now sorted and stored.
My house continues to look like I opened all drawers,closets and cupboards and shook the whole house.
I have washed folded and priced all the linens and lace
looked up and priced stacks of books
have empty shelves in my linen closet
bought more containers and organized all my fabric stash
gone through my clothes and now have lots of room
separated, bagged, priced a ton of dolls, toys games and trains
emptied and moved several book cases
taken pictures out of albums and yes even thrown some away
cleaned out the kitchen drawers and cupboards
This is the reason my blog has been sitting idle.