Friday, October 23, 2020

Lovely Label Printies~ Antique Ribbons and Roses~Free Digital Graphics for Scrapbooking, Junk Journals and Cards

Good morning and welcome! 
Today I have romantic ribbon and rose graphics. 
 Lovely labels to decorate boxes, bottles and containers and scrapbooks . 
Originally used as chapter headings in antique books.
 Cleaned up and ready to print free clip art. 
Very French in the Rococo and Louis XV style.
I hope you can use them in your creative projects and endeavors. 
Much love to everyone of you!


Monday, October 19, 2020

Everything is Just Peachy!~ Being Grumpy~ Pandora's Box ~ Soft Warm Fall Colors~ Artist Edward Robert Hughes

Welcome to all of you! 
How is the day going? Well I would say "just peachy" in the most ironic sarcastic way possible. 
 Not like "I had an absolutely wonderful peachy day!"  
To be honest I have actually had a fine time today.  
Little Miss Grumpy. 
To avoid being grumpy spend time being creative! 
Work on your junk journals, scrapbooks and mixed media art. 
Maybe today one of the peachy, apricot themed pictures or graphics will inspire you. 
Please be safe and most important be kind. Much love to each and everyone of you!
Picture from a Victorian scrapbook.

Pandora's Box

With the Wind
  Edward Robert Hughes

Sunday, October 18, 2020

~The Goldfish Bowl ~Paintings by Richard Edward Miller, Thomas Benjamin Kennington

Hi everyone and welcome. I hope you are all safe and well. 
The other day as I was looking at paintings online, I kept coming across paintings featuring goldfish!  I saved a few to share with you. If I had a favorite it would be the first one. Of course the last picture of the girl in the apricot colored dress is a close second.

Richard Edward Miller (American painter, 1875-1943) 

Thomas Benjamin Kennington
A British artist who painted people in vastly different circumstances. Paintings of street children, beautifully dressed women and even a portrait of Queen Victoria. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

What Happened!!! Horrible Photobucket Banner!

 Today I became aware that Photobucket had a horrible banner across my blog!! It just appeared!  I since learned that the background gadget was most likely the problem. The original Background Fairy was part of the Graphics Fairy. Not now! I removed the broken gadget as soon as possible. Now the Photobucket banner is gone. Thank goodness! I am more than happy to have a plain white background! I wonder how long this has been there! How many came to my blog and were greeted with that huge ugly grey banner? I do not sell, advertise, charge or make any money from Bumble Button.The reason I do this is to share images, art, graphics. Your kind comments and page views is my motivation.Please let me know if there are any problems using Bumble Button.

Vintage Mode Parisienne Button Card ~ Chic Stylish 1930's Fashions in Blue~ Paris Elegant

Hi Everyone and Welcome!
The button card today is simple but stylish.
 I think black or white buttons would be lovely and perfect on it. 
The top two pictures are from a 1930's edition of Paris Elegant.  The dresses have lots of construction details yet the overall look is streamlined and classy.
Enjoy for your personal use and projects.


Thursday, October 15, 2020

Charming Raphael Tuck Halloween Postcards ~100 Years Old~

Hi everyone and welcome.
 Already mid October and I have not posted any halloween pictures!  I need to get busy so you can have images and graphics for your halloween themed crafting projects. These postcards are from a series of 6 cards published in 1918 by Raphael Tuck & Sons.   I like that they are lighthearted and fun. 
Be safe, be kind and create something beautiful!

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Beautiful Victorian Indian Summer Book Published in 1883 ~ Lovely Pictures of Fall Bouquets ~ Free Graphics for Personal Crafts and Art Projects

Welcome to everyone! 
I love Indian summer. I love fall colors. Cool nights and warm days. The change of sunlight as hours of daylight decrease. Coming across this book at the Archive online library I just had to share the pictures with you all. What a pretty cover for one those adorable miniature books. Speaking of miniature books they are my current obsession. My sister sent me a link to Heather Tracy's miniature books. I would love to make one of these. Adorable! Heather even worked for the Graphics Fairy at one time. So talented.
So glad you found or are returning to my little blog.
Be safe,be kind and create something beautiful!