Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Very Art Deco ~ 1920's ~Peacock Images from Old Book Illustrations ~ Frederick Leighton painting White Peacock.

Another post! It has been a while since I have been so productive. Having the inclination and having finished other projects it is blog time.
 If you are new to my blog, a big welcome. Followers and return visitors, happy happy you  are back.
Today I have images that feature peacocks.Starting with a Frederick Leighton painting aptly named "A girl feeding peacocks".
From time to time I will post additional images to posts that have a specific theme. They will be added as I find them.
Now it is time to work on the many drafts already started.
Make or share something beautiful today!
Much love to you all, Louise
Alphonse Mucha  

All images are for personal use and enjoyment.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Catching Butterflies Clip Art for Artists Trading Cards, Collage and Scrapbooking

Good morning to you all. Hope you are having a  wonderful creative day so far. If not then these cheerful pictures from old Victorian children's books might do the trick. Inspiration for a tag or layered into a collage.The third image was my inspiration for this post.All the images are from antique books found at the Baldwin Children's Library. Please enjoy them for personal use only.
Much love as always, Louise

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Romantic 1880's Paintings by James Tissot

Hi everyone, welcome to you all. Today's post features the art work of James Tissot. He is one of my favorite artists.One reason he is a favorite is the beautiful dresses in his paintings.Also the late Victorian time period. Researching different artists has returned me to a love of art history. I took the class twice in college many years ago. Examples of an artists works were harder to find then. A lot would be in black and white. The Internet is just amazing for finding things! Seeing most or at least many examples reveals  much more about the artist and his/her development. Reading biographies enable me to see what may have influenced the subject matter and manner an artist selects. This isn't an art history blog but from time to time I will focus on an artist. All the pictures today are from The Athenaeum. What an excellent resource to have stumbled upon! You will recognize several I am sure as the have been published on greeting cards or as reproductions. Enjoy the paintings and thank you for stopping by. Much love to all of you, Louise

 I selected the first three because of that big fur blanket and the children.
                                  The Garden Bench 1882                                                
Reading a story 1878-79
Quiet 1881
Kathleen Newton 1880

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting to know you... Sweet Babies and Children ~ Free ClipArt

"Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you..." Isn't that a song from the 'King and I' movie? That is what I am doing now. Getting to know the new blogger "look". I waited until Blogger made me use the new upgraded page. Being in the habit of clicking first then seeing what happens has been my method in the past. Having invested so much time and love into bumble button that seems a little risky! So far it has been a smooth transition.
This has been 'saved' right? I clicked the save button but it hasn't turned to the old reassuring 'saved'.  Oh I see it goes from 'save' to a quick 'saving' then back to 'save'. No saved. That is efficient! Little changes like this are, well little.
Now enough of that and time to post some images! Something new (before 1923) and that you can use for free, for anything.   Thanks for stopping by and much love to each of you, Louise

I just really love this one.He is missing his little shoe!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cute Victorian Cupids and Angels Plus an Edwardian Belle

Hi everyone! Time to get a post out.
 Sunday I had the great satisfaction of demolishing a big old useless, in the way, shelving unit. 'Me and my hammer' had broken that flimsy thing into a little pile of kindling in no time. I donated another car full to the salvation army. Slowly making progress. Playing with the Legacy buttons is a nice break.
It might not be valentines day anytime soon but I could not resit these beautiful old postcards. Edwardian era charm when everyone wrote to each other.
May your day be full of love and creativity, Louise

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pretty Women and their mirrors in fine art to magazine illustrations

Welcome to all of you.
 Yesterday I spent time visiting some of my followers. What amazing blogs and things you make. Cards, dolls, mixed media artwork and scrap booking.I would love to see anything where my images are used.  Any requests? Let me know if you are looking for something in particular.
Today an old neighbor is going to help with my house. I want to make a padded fabric headboard and paint a shelf and move stuff around.
All the pictures today feature women and their mirrors. The last gal obviously likes what she sees!
Thank you for stopping by.I read all your comments and love them.
Much love to you all, Louise 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rich in friends, Rich in color, Free images to discover.

It feels so good to come home after a day at the Legacy! I have such a good time with the Thursday afternoon ladies. This last month there were not many button donations. A perfect time to get caught up.
Now I have one guilty confession. Every Thursday I treat myself to a chocolate milkshake. I can't believe I am actually writing about this. After years of staying away from fast food there I am in line every Thursday getting my chocolate shake!
I have been drawn to pictures with fall colors. So rich and warm. It was quite hot today and fall hasn't really arrived but these pictures are just too pretty. My heart is always warmed after a day at "my" little shop.
I hope you can use them in one of your projects and find them pleasing.You are the best followers and visitors. It makes me happy you stopped by, Louise

Lady with letter, Abraham Solomon
Jane Berry Hudson Japonisme

Tea in the Park by Edward Cucuel

Friday, September 14, 2012

Pretty little girls picking flowers ~ Instant Art from Victorian Books ~ Painting of Girl with Flowers by Sophie Anderson

Hi everyone!
The pictures today feature little girls with flowers.  They are from Victorian children's books and advertisement cards. Two are old paintings.
I hope you are having a wonderful fall day. The nights are cooling off and I had to get out a blanket to stay warm the last few nights. I love the fall!
That's enough for now. Much love to you all as always, Louise

This one would be so sweet next to a vase of dry  lavender.
Artist Sophie Anderson

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Fabulous French Fashion Illustrator Pierre Brussaud

Time for something chic and French!
Today I have some prints from early 1900's by Pierre Brissaud. Pierre Brissaud (1885–1964) was a French Art Deco illustrator, He is known for his pochoir prints for the fashion magazine Gazette du Bon Ton. They illustrate the designs of Paris fashion houses such as Jeanne Lanvin,Chéruit, Worth, and Doucet. Thank you Wikipedia for that tidbit of information and some of the images here.
The number of followers and visits continue to climb which is so fun for me. Your kind comments(which I love) are my motivation. Bumble Button will always and forever be a commercial free blog for you. Just pretty and useful images.
 Enjoy, Louise