Thursday, June 25, 2020

Peacocks and Feathers in the Round Free Clip Art, Graphics Early 1900's

Welcome to all.
  I want to share images and graphics with all of you. There are so many that I have collected over the years.  I love that there is a sense of discovery and excitement when I find a picture in some obscure old book or publication. Then I add it to my collection in a folder. When I need a creative project I go into my folders for an image to play with.  After picking a picture it is on to a clean up, crop, isolate, lighten, darken cut, paste etc. Then away to an appropriate folder for future use. Then I feel a sense of accomplishment, very pleased and satisfied. Sharing with all of you and knowing the images might make their way into something you create makes me so happy.  Thank you for the kind comments. So nice to see familiar people finding their way back to the blog.
Much Love to everyone!
Art Deco Peacock Feather ImageArt Deco Peacock Image for Business and Gift Cards Free Graphic Clip Art
One more. Not round but thought you it could be used for business cards, labels, place cards,

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Hot Air Balloons, French 1922 L'Aeronautique, Free Edwardian Antique Postcard, Clip Art for ATC,Card Making,Scrapbooking

Hi and welcome to all. 
Years ago I lived near a park in wine country. One beautiful summer morning we woke to the strangest sound. Loud swoosh then quiet, loud swoosh and then quiet.  Opening the front door to investigate we quickly discovered what the sound was. There was a huge colorful hot air balloon just landing across the street! One of my favorite memories.  Ever since that morning I love seeing these huge balloons floating across the sky. The images below are to enjoy and use in your creative endeavors. 

Friday, June 12, 2020

Free 1800's Fan Clip Art. Plus John Hubbard Rich painting 'The Idle Hour'

Hello and welcome to all of you.
 It is getting warm. Time to bring out the turbo fan to cool things down! As much as I appreciate my electric fan I really love antique hand held fans. They were a fashion accessories.  My great-grandmother's trunk had almost a dozen beautiful fans. All were very elaborate. They were made of feathers, inlaid shell, lace, and carved ivory. Some were hand painted. After more than 100 years the fans were very fragile and I opened them so carefully. The fans were given or passed down to various relatives a long time ago. I cherish my memories of going thru the trunk and finding the treasures inside. 
 John Hubbard Rich (American artist, 1876–1954) The Idle Hour
Below are pictures of fans that you can use in your personal artwork and creations

Monday, June 8, 2020

Egyptian Clip Art for Cards, Artist Trading Cards, Collage. Paintings by Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

Welcome to all.
A few ancient Egyptian inspired graphics.  I am also posting a painting by Lawrence Alma-Tadema. Love his work and it fit the theme of the day. 
Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Vintage Button Cards for Doctors and Nurses. Free Clip Art. Thank You to Everyone Caring for Others.

Hi and welcome to one and all. Button donations to the Legacy always seem to have at least a few white detachable uniform buttons. Some are inexpensive plastic, others are ceramic with metal shanks. I do not have any to photograph at the moment. When I do I will takes some pictures for this blog post. Hope you can use these in card making, collages  and scrap booking.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Time Passes Slowly or Flies By. Free Graphics and Clip Art of Clocks and Watches.

Welcome everyone,
For some reason time is flying by. This is not what I expected during these months of staying home. Years ago I needed a clock face for a dollhouse miniature. At the time I did not have much luck, Since then I save pictures of clock faces when I stumble upon them.  Now they seem perfect for collage and altered art projects. 
All are from old out of copyright books. 
Do they still teach Roman numerals in school?