Saturday, July 27, 2013

Free images of Mermaids for you to enjoy. Illustrations from Antique Children's books and paintings by John Waterhouse

Welcome to you all. It is a nice sunny Saturday. I have a nice glass of iced coffee and felt like blogging. The draft of this post on mermaids has been in my files forever. Today is the day to finish it up and share the wonderful paintings and illustration I have found. Of course I had to find a just a few more images of frolicking  maids of the sea to entice you. So after a few happy hours going in many different directions I came up with a few more. It is so easy to get sidetracked! 
Imagine decorating a scrap book page for a cruise or a day at the beach with one of these. Worked into a collage with the little treasures you found walking on the beach could be a reminder of how much fun you had. Incorporate them into gift tags, inches and artists trading cards. Have fun with them and imagine the salty water and warm sands as you create something beautiful.
Much love to all of you,Louise

P.S.While searching I came across the artwork of Victor Nizovtsev. Several of his incredible mermaid paintings are  at the McBride Gallery. I am providing a link for you because as a living artist his work is copyrighted. Thought you might like to see them.

scanned from an old magazine
The Mermaid by John Waterhouse 1901

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Life = Change.

Mind if I just ramble on for awhile? Months without a word or picture and today I am writing about some of the events  in my world. Some happy some sad. The one constant thing in life is change.
    First, yes I love the royal baby thing. How fun to see new parents in love with the new little person who just arrived! Remember how that felt when you had your babies? So refreshing. I am really impressed that Daddy William is so involved. Even changing a diaper/nappy. This all brings back so many memories of when my son was born.
    There are changes at "my" little shop. The manager is leaving. Kathy is such a dear and I will miss her. My fingers are crossed that her replacement will be as easy to work with as Kathy is. Today I will find out more when I go in.
    Marie, my button buddy had surgery on Tuesday and I am so anxious to hear how she is doing. Hope to find out how it went today. She prints the button cards and sorts buttons and makes the whole button thing fun.
     My family, oh yes my family. My mother decided it was time to sell her house. At 81 she felt it was time to simplify her life. What changes that meant for all of us! So much transpired over those two months and the dust still hasn't totally settled. Not to be too dramatic but it was traumatic in many ways. One of my sisters said it was like selling the family farm. Mom's simplifying her life made things very complicated for the rest of us! This is especially true for my sister who lived in the house (mom had remarried and moved out years ago). The house sold in a few days with over 20 offers and it is just a simple little house! One of the best things that happened was that it was sold to a young couple with a new baby girl. The playhouse my brother-in-law made for my niece was one of the things that helped them decide to buy it. How sweet that their first home is the house my mom loved so much!

In May my dear old cat Thomas went totally blind. He was not adapting at all. He would get lost in the house and was only secure on or next to me. He had other heath issues in addition to being blind and it was time to say goodbye. The vet was very nice and felt it was the most compassionate thing to do.  Now he is buried in my friend's rose garden. Thomas was the perfect cat for children when he was young. Very accommodating. Thank you Thomas for so many happy memories.