Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I wish I knew who these people were! antique tintype of long haired girl cabinet photograph of Edwardian and Victorian women For your use as clip art images

     I hope that these picture will be used. They are perfect for art and ATC. Or if you need to make up an imaginary family history?
Lovely young lady is sitting to the side so he hair shows. This one is very old.
Lots and lots of buttons and a huge ribbon flowers
Alfrieda, a great great aunt at her confirmation. This one is from Sweden.
This is one of my favorite letters from "Nana". She is eloping!
                                                               Great great aunt Joanna

Antique Art Nouveau Floral Postcard~ Old Cabinet Photographs of Sisters ~ Free Clipart for Artists and Crafters

This beautiful postcard was tucked in a corner of my grandmothers desk. I love everything about this card. The colors, the image and the Art Nouveau style. 
Two mystery family members. One of the girls is wearing a little coral necklace that was popular in the 1800's.

and more...

This lady's glove came from an 1883 booklet. The booklet is filled with advertisements.
 A very pretty book end paper. Love the color

New Clipart ~ Antique Photographs of Women Tennis Players

 Welcome to my fledgling little blog. There is still so much to learn.
 Just discovered my pictures are missing. 
Somehow I deleted all my picture or moved them to a mystery location! 
 Thank goodness I am just beginning this adventure so it won't be to hard to rescan.
So here are two newly scanned pics. 
Enjoy, Louise
Tennis back in the day. I do not know who these ladies are! One of the mystery photographs.
This woman is probably an actress from the late Victorian era.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Free Antigue Cabinet Cards

 To excited to sleep, I have been up all night gathering  images. There are so many!  Other than some cropping I still need to figure out how to "cleaning up"the images. It is so odd to write as if there are tons of you following or reading this. The little girl boy looking in the mirror is a very interesting composition considering the age of the picture. Who he is and when it was taken are unknown.

I own the original photographs in this post. The are free to use in anyway except commercially. Please ask if you want to use them commercially.
 The baby picture is my beloved grandmother "Nana" as a baby.The picture was taken in 1903. Wonder what happened to her beautiful little dress? I love old lace, baby clothes, fabric, ribbon, heirloom sewing etc..Another fun thing to post.
Bumbling around on the blogs, I knew I had found kindred spirits.Can't wait to hear from any of you. much love, Louise

Thursday, October 21, 2010

a new adventure

Discovering the "Graphic Fairy" and "just something I made" has been a wonderful find.This has opened a whole new world! I also realized I have tons of ephemera to share with everyone .Thank you Nana, Papa and the General's trunk. Inspired to share, I created a blog. Being my first blog there is so much to learn. Your comments and help are very welcome!
In the future I hope to list hundreds of old 1880+ photographsm post cards old letters and script, music, late 1700 to 1900's. art, book plates illustrations maps etc... all before the 1920's. I want to provide copyright free material.
So the blog is created, on to the next step. How do you post images for others to use?
Be sure to check out the most recent posts, 
What a difference a few years make! 
The graphics and images have increased in quality and quantity.
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