Friday, January 3, 2014

Free Printable Antique and Adorable Valentines from 1910 - 1920's

Hi everyone! How has your day been going? 
These sweet valentines are so colorful and vibrant they will brighten any one's day!
Valentines day has arrived at The Legacy. 
So picking a theme for today was easy. I am planning to post many more so that you will have plenty to play with.
This group reminds me of Mary Engelbriet's art work. 
I just love them! 
Our heart buttons look darling on these and they always sell fast.
Thank you for your kind comments.It is so nice to hear from you. 
Now it is time to make valentines!
Much Love as always,Louise

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Bit of Lavender and Violet. 19th and Early 20th Century Paintings Of Women

Hi everyone! Welcome to one and all.
The beautiful paintings by Frank W. Benson and  Hamilton  Hamilton were my inspiration for today's theme.   Pictures of woman dressed in many different shades and hues of purple.
.  During my search for additional art work I discovered several artists that were new to me. Paintings by all of them will be in future posts for sure. Many more treasures to share! 
Your comments are most welcome. I read and appreciate everyone of them.
Remember to create something beautiful today!
Much Love as always, Louise

 Stroll Through The Garden by Hamilton  Hamilton  
Yes, that is his real name. What were his parents thinking?!
 Windswept, John William Waterhouse

 Lady Agnew, John Singer Sargent

What should I write about, Hermann Fenner-Behmer  
The Grecian Girl, John William Godward

Portrait of a Young Lady By John Downman

 Mothers Comfort By George Sheridan Knowles

By  Richard Edward Miller

 Summer By Henrietta Rae Normand

Against the Sky, By Frank W. Benson
One of my favorite artists.
 Tendresse Maternelle By Emile Friant

Picture are from the following sources;

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Janet Laura Scott's Illustrations from 'Wildflower Children,The Playmates of The Fairies'. by Elizabeth Gordon. A Volland Book

   How exciting to start a new year!. It seems like yesterday that the new century began. I was amazed to have made it to 2000 and now 14 more years have passed. 
Wonder what new inventions and improvements the year holds.
Today I have selected the charming and whimsical book illustrations by Janet Laura Scott. Her work always puts a smile on my face. These are from the book 
Wildflower Children, The Playmates of The Fairies by Elizabeth Gordon. 
The book was published by P.F. Volland. 
 Have a wonderful creative day. Much love, Louise