Friday, June 3, 2022

My Grandmother's Garden ~ Nasturtiums & Walks With my Grandparents~Montecito before Prince Harry and Meghan

Along the lane where my grandparents lived was a stream. In one section the banks were covered in cheerful yellow nasturtiums. When I was a little girl walking every afternoon with my grandfather it was a favorite stop. The sunlight filtered through the trees and the little seasonal creek was so pretty. My grandparents lived in Montecito, California. This was years ago before it became so popular with celebrities. Before Oprah, Meghan and Prince Harry. Movie stars were not pursued by paparazzi. Back then it was a quiet little village where I walked on the beach, roamed Manning park and was treated to ice cream in the little drugstore. My love for Montecito came from my grandparents love.  


Thursday, June 2, 2022

Beautiful Graphics & Botanical Art~For Making Cards~Celebrate June Birthdays

Welcome to all of you who have found my little blog. Time for beautiful graphics, paintings, ephemera featuring birth month flowers. Images for making birthdays cards for the friends and family born in June. The June birthstones are pearls alexandrite, and moonstones. Rose and honeysuckle are the flowers for June birthdays. I hope you have a wonderful June filled with family, friends and birthday cakes!