Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Antique Marriage Certificate ~Beautiful for scrapbooking ~ Altered Art Junk Journals

    Welcome to all the many new and returning friends. Glad you have come for a visit.
  Yesterday I went to Healdsburg, California. Healdsburg has a traditional downtown square edged by stores and businesses. In the middle of wine country it has evolved into a very trendy place. Wonderful shops, bookstores and cafes. The little fabric store is stocked with exquisite fabric some rarely seen in chain stores. I spent at least an hour if not more slowly looking at every bolt.
 I really needed to get out of the house and visit with a dear friend.
A while ago I posted an antique marriage certificate. I have since learned how to straighten, crop and paint an image. So here it is again. It is so beautiful!
Another frame from a 1850's invitation
    Well it is time to tend to other things(like hot chocolate) for a while. Much love Louise

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Free clip art of beautiful 1700's paintings,antique photographs of Hewitt children, genealogy Scottish Lovers

 Time sure flies by sometimes! My apology's for not writing sooner. My goal is everyday.!  I do not want to disappoint my followers and many visitors. You may need something for a last minute creation or gift. How fun to find a new bit of free clip art.
   These beautiful pictures are from . Let me know if you are able to use them. This is the first time I clicked an image from another blog and clicked it into my post.
I posted this because he is so handsome.
A few photographs and pictures from my collection of ephemera.
Scottish lovers from an old book. So old that all I  kept was  the illustration.
He has a handkerchief in his pocket! Lace collars and bows on little boys, styles sure have changed! As charming as they are I will take t-shirts and easy care knits any day.
Just love the little girls expression! and another big big bow. This is Anna Margaret Hewitt and her brother Walter. 1912
Illustration from the back of children's book.
 Two little kitties also the cover of a children's book.
Hope you enjoy the images and make lots of pretty things and have fun doing so. much love Louise

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Free clip art images from a Victorian 1851 Goody's Lady's Book

    Welcome followers and visitors. I really love your comments. It makes me so happy that you appreciate the pictures and are using them in your art work and crafts.
    Today I carefully copied many many images from this huge collection of magazines "Goody's Lady's Book". This book is 2 1/2" thick and was printed in 1851! Some article titles; The secret of a charming manner,Two ways of keeping a wife and The schoolmaster of Braintree. I am actually going to read some of these. All the pictures are line drawings or engravings with a few being hand colored or painted. If this is your era it is a treasure trove. Perfect for anyone who likes Victoriana period clothing.The fashion plates are instant art and beautifully done. Much love to you all and enjoy the new images, Louise

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A blank canvas? A rooster,Victorian curtains,Photo's of 2 women,and a frame for you to use. As always Free clip art

   Welcome to everyone. The sky is gray and cloudy and it is cold out there. Now my bed on the other hand is white, warm and very comfortable. Guess where I'd rather be!  I just love my flannel sheets, fluffy and warm down comforter and my favorite pillow. All in white, a blank canvas for dreams day or night.
    I have all afternoon for scanning and posting images. Yes!!! Where do I start: First very ornate curtains from 1850's.
A few lovely lady's. Huge flower corsages and lots of buttons were most in fashion!
A rooster from a child's music book.
This is the first post today. Thought I had better post this now before I get lost in all my ephemera paper stuff! So enjoy, Louise