Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Madame Pompadour portraits by François Boucher ~ Free Vintage Button Card and Rococo Label Clip Art

Madame Pompadour needs to powder her nose! It was easy to pick paintings to go with this button card.  I love the sumptuous silks, lace, and ribbons in portraits from this time period. 
Madame de Pompadour by  François Boucher, 1758
This picture was in my parents bedroom growing up. 
This would make pretty labels. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

White Edwardian Dresses on Warm Summer Days

Today I ventured to blogs I have not visited for several years. A walk back into all the creativity, beauty and artists that inspired me years ago.  Many of the blogs had changed and several inactive. Maybe the owner is just taking a break and will return, Then some had gone full on glossy professional with advertising. Upgraded memberships and exclusive offers.   I even found images of button cards like I post for $3. each! 
Bumble buttons is a personal blog. Low stress for me, images for you to enjoy. 
 My only hope and request is that images are used by you in your personal projects and artwork. 

A Few Vintage Button Cards to Have Fun with.. Free Clip Art Graphics

Welcome to everyone. Today I thought it was time to post a few vintage button cards. All blue and white in color.  There is even a theme that I noticed after I picked them! Looks like I subconsciously want to travel.  Looking forward to when that is possible again. Time to get out of the house and explore new places. Please use them in your creative projects or to sew vintage buttons on.