Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Old Advertisment Cards from late 1890's Lovely Ladies and little Girls in Dreamy Pastels

 Hi everyone! Welcome.
 Today I have some late 1890's advertisment cards for you. I selected ones in soft creamy pastel colors. Light teal blue paired with pink  is a favorite combination. Please enjoy them for your personal use and enjoyment.
Hope you are having a nice summer. Much love, Louise

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beautiful Victorian Butterflies More Free Clip art for Artists and Crafters

A temporary lack of motivation and inspiration has gotten the best of me. Today I came to check out my blog. Seeing who has paid a visit, became a follower and how they were directed to bumble button. Kinda routine stuff.
 Then that Internet thing happened.
 One thing led to another and I am back in creativity land! On pintrest I found some of my images pinned and repinned!  How inspiring to be that first domino. Maybe there was a warm thought, a little grin, maybe even a little excitement out there because of the images in my posts. Of course I am not the first domino. It all starts with that first dab of paint long ago.
   Today I have lots of butterflies. They are from an old book for identifying butterflies and moths. Print and use in all your paper creations. Much Love to you all, Louise

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Darling Victorian Rabbits and Bunnies From Children's Books and Antique Postcards

There is nothing cuter than a little bunny! Today I have LOTS of bunny pictures. Why not list a whole bunch. Infact I am listing all my non-Easter rabbits.
All the people I have come across who collect bunny things are really into it. Not in a display case but all over the house.
 These are all free for your personal use and enjoyment. Time to clip and paste and make something!
Have a (yes I am going to say it) hoppy day. Much love to you all, Louise
The book cover is my all time favorite so it might be a repeat.