Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Free Clip Art from Antique Postcards - Turkeys and Pilgrims-

It is Thursday and I promised Thanksgiving images for you. They are harder to find but I have come up with several to choose from.
Today I am going into the Legacy. It will be the first time since they remodeled the store. So curious to see what it looks like and where the button are going to be displayed.
   Have a happy and creative day. Love Louise

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fall Leaves and Sunlight, Pictures for today From Victorian Children's Books

The days slip by... October was a very posting kinda month and November not so much. There seems to be other projects that come up and off I go into sorting buttons, reading, sewing and a little gardening.   Keeping in touch with my sisters and mom is always a treat. We talk till my phone's battery gives out. The phone is dead but I am enriched and feel connected with my family.
     This afternoon is a beautiful and sunny one. The leaves on the walnut trees are turning a rich yellow green. The Japanese Maple in front is a burgundy red. Like crisp apples. Next to the evergreens it all looks so very fall. Laying in the sunlight with my kitties watching the sun go down. It is very pretty through the colorful leaves. I feel at peace.
Today there is no set theme. Just a few pictures that felt good to me. Enjoy, Louise

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Antique Botanical Book plates Late 1800's Victorian Era

I am so glad you have found my blog and hope you continue to visit.
Welcome back to all my followers.
  When I came across these I knew what to post today. Botanical prints are one of my favorite things. We all need some spring in the fall.The days are getting shorter and colder! Antique book plates circa. 1875 are instant art to decorate with. They all click to a larger size. The colors are so pretty and soft.The printer used the same simple palette so they work well together. The last one may just find it's way into a frame at my house.
While checking out some of your blogs I was thrilled to see my images. Stamped on fabric and made into pillows, on paper gift bags and lots of cards and tags! Be sure and share your creations with me. And of course be sure you mention Bumble Button as your image source. Free images for your personal use with no advertising.Your comments and visits/pageviews are my inspiration and motivation.
Much love to you all, Louise


Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Monday Free clip art from Antique Postcards

It is so nice to get caught up on things. Today's Christmas Monday selections are from antique greeting and postcards. Ready for you to use in your holiday projects. Free for your personal use. Please mention my blog and I would love to see what you have made.
Welcome to all my new followers! The list keeps growing which is so fun for me.
So glad you found Bumble button. Love to each and everyone of you, Louise

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Catching up with 18th and 19th Century Portraits of Children

Oh my it has been many days since my last post!  I missed Christmas Monday and Thanksgiving Thursday! I have been cleaning out the garage and back patio.  All the stuff/junk has been tossed out or put away. It feels so good to go out there now. In the garage I found more old college textbooks to recycle. College was years ago and I can not imagine why I still had them. Next gardening. Now this finally did me in. Removing 30 year old ivy plants was so rewarding but hard work. And then yesterday was the most wonderful rainy day. Two cups of hot cocoa and lots of warm tea it was so cozy. Both my kitties wanted to sit on my lap all day long(at the same time)
 Now it is Sunday and time to get blogging.  Today is a day for beautiful old portraits. A real variety of children's clothing from different eras.
Thank you for visiting. Stay warm and dry, Louise
Very Victorian
Love this one. How sweet she looks.
Not sure of the date but it looks French 1770ish. Wonder what they really wore to play in.