Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Emerald Birthstone & Lily of the Valley Flowers for May Birthdays ~ Victorian Greeting Cards ~ Botanical Prints Clip-art

Welcome one and all.
It is already the 19th of May and I have not posted pictures of the months birthstone or flower! So here are a few graphics featuring emeralds and Lily-of-the-Valley flowers. Most are Victorian and Edwardian postcards. The botanical print would be so pretty framed. Hope you enjoy and use them in your personal art and crafts.
Much love to all of you, Louise
Antique postcard.
Free digital clipart for junk journals.
Advertising Trade Card from 1880's.
Antique botanical print.
Reposting a Marjorie Moystyn postcard.
Antique postcard.
Two versions so you can use for cards, tags, and labels.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Lots of Clipart, Graphics, & Pictures of Sunflowers! Botanical Prints ~ Art Nouveau Postcard ~George Dunlop Leslie's Painting

A big flower needs a big post!  I have lots of pictures featuring huge sunny sunflowers to brighten your day. These comprise all of the pictures of sunflowers in my digital stash. Collected over the last ten years from ephemera, old book illustrations, paintings on Wikipedia Commons, postcards from TuckDB.
Thank you for your kind comments and so glad you found my blog.
Sun and Moon Flowers 1890
From an old book.
Catherine Klein 1906 postcard from Tuckd 

Monday, May 17, 2021

Beautiful Engravings of Heroines From Plays by William Shakespeare ~ Free Clipart for Journals & Craft

Welcome to new and returning visitors alike! 

I hope you find something beautiful to enjoy or use in your many and varied creations.

 I have come across many beautiful illustrations in old books. These are especially exquisite in my opinion. The book they are from is The Heroines of Shakespeare.  I have selected a sampling to share with you. There are quite a few more in the book. The book can be found at the Archive Library online. One of my favorite places to find pictures and audio books. Let me know if you use them. I can visualize them on pages of junk journals or tucked in a little glassine pocket with images from the Elizabethan era.

Thank you for your kind comments. They inspire me to continue this adventure.
Princess of France

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Masked & Anonymous ~ Disguise, Mystery & Coquetry in Illustrations, Paintings ~ Free Digital Printies for Journal, Scrapbooking & Card Making

Hi everyone and a big welcome to all. 
Things have really changed from when I started the draft for this post! What a difference a year makes. The first photograph was the starting point for this little caper into art and disguise. Who knew a look through a mask could be so intriguing. With all due respect to the medical masks that are part of our lives this year, this is just about the fun kind of masks. Masks used for parties, intrigue, and flirting only! I hope you can use one of these in your art and craft projects. 
Antique photograph.