Thursday, February 24, 2011

Images for clip art Little girl putting hat on dog,1700's clothing, Turn of the century romantic couple

Hi everyone, hope all my visitors and followers are happy as can be. It was so nice to have the sunlight coming in my window this afternoon. My cold and cough  are hanging on way to long. I can't remember ever having something for almost a month. Much better than before but not 100% yet.
  lululiz in lalaland  has the cutest little match boxes. They have been decorated in fun creative ways. I love little things, they are right up my alley. And they had buttons in them! I want one too!
Today there are 6  new pictures for you. Most are from antique or vintage postcards. 
Oh you all make my day! It is still so fun to post images for you. Enjoy the creating. 
Much love, Louise
This just appeals to me. Of course there is a sleigh and I always like lots of contrast between the figure and the light snowy background. I would guess she is a lady of the late 1700's based on her dress.
This picture really evokes a pleasant spring day to me.
Another romantic picture with contrast. Early 1900's.
A day at the races.
To to cute!.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Antique & Vintage Postcards, Boy on a dragonfly Tinted Antique Photograph of Cute Little Girl and Boy. All free!

Good morning to all of you. Need new material? I went a little crazy and there are photographs, images and antique postcards! Something for everyone. I just love the flowers and old oil paintings!
Thank you for all the kind & enthusiastic  comments.
 Much love to you all, Louise


Friday, February 18, 2011

Tinted antique photograph of little boy, Cottage frame,1920's -1930's Laundry, 1800s Bride

A new day, new pretty images for you! So much fun finding these various pictures to add to your projects, collage, ATC etc.. Some I select because I am drawn to them some just because they are interesting and of course if they seem to be what I think you would like. Enjoy and create something special.
This little boy's long hair and sweet face could easily belong to a little girl.
Love this picture. I may have already posted this but this little one is so charming so had to include it.
My favorite time period. I always like to see clothes,styles and colors used.
Probably from the 1890's
 Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the Legacy. Welcome to all you new and returning visitors. 
Hope you have a good day and as always much love to you all,Louise

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Legacy a special store in Sebastopol Ca.

Hi everyone. Today I am so happy to share some photos of the Legacy! They only capture part of the store. A place to get lost in. A place to linger discovering little treasures in the nooks and cranny's. Since everything is donated you never know what you will find.Imagine you donated your entire craft or sewing room.
Sherry the wonderful manager who gave me the opportunity and encouragement to work at the Legacy. When the buttons needed to be passed on she asked me! One thing lead to another including my blog..
 If you are ever in Sebastopol Ca. it is a must. There is even a box or 2 in front of the store with free fabric and misc. Just had to share with you all this unique and special store. Much love to you all. Hope you are having an inspired and creative day, Louise

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Raining Violets, Art Nouveau Poppys,Boys and Airplaine, 1920 1930 Women's Clothing Romantic Woman and a Portrait of a pensive Young lady

Hi Everyone! It is cloudy and rainy again after lots of sunshine. Out comes the cups of tea. Thank goodness for a cup of  tea, warms my hands and helps with a sore throat. I have not had to water my plants for so long..
 This little angel catching violet raining from the sky is perfect for February birthdays.
Happy birthday to my sister and niece.
More illustrations featuring children.My daffodils and paper whites are blooming. Next year I should add some tulips. My son's grandfather has taken him to air shows since he was a little boy. So I thought this was so dear.
Fabulous 1920 - 1930 Women's Fashions. Just love this era! A great source for inspiration and research.
Had fun pulling these together for you. Hope you can use them or just enjoy checking them out. Another happy blog post! Much love to you all, Louise

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

By the Sea..A Regal Royal Queen Mother and Baby and more. Free clip art

Hi everyone. So many of my favorite images and pictures are tied to the ocean. There is something about the salty air and pattern of the sound of the waves make that replenish my being. . My grandmother lived a mile from butterfly beach near Monticieto. She always had beach towels in the car "in case".  As a little girls we would go down the steep road between some houses and onto the sand.After getting sand in every crevice and our cheeks and nose a little sunburned we would head home. Then lower bathroom was where we washed off the saltiness. The bath tub would be left with a ribbon of sand running into the drain. I just loved taking those baths. The bathroom was a soft blue with white eyelet curtains and lovely grandmotherly nic nacks tastefully arranged on the white tile. It seemed the sun was always streaming through the mottled glass window. To top off the crisps clean sunny memory my grandparents had a turquoise station wagon with white leather upholstery.( I wonder what kind of car it was). With my family we vacationed on Balboa Island and went to Santa Monica. As a teenager a drive through the canyon to Leo Carrillo and the Malibu was great fun. Then lived in Morro Bay for college. So many happy times by the ocean.

Isn't she the cutest little thing. Another children's illustration that says all is well with the world.
How this mother adores her new baby! So many portraits of this time do not convey so much emotion.
A sweet little bird and a 1700's lady to finish off the post. Another mix of images, free for your use, in clip art, ATC, scrap booking and collage work.
Thank you for all the get well messages. Much love to you all, Louise

Friday, February 11, 2011

Antique Postcards Of Angel Painting Butterfly Wings & Photographs of Beautiful Women in Beautiful Dresses

Hi everyone! Finally on the mend.You have all been so wonderful with your get well wishes. It really helped when I was sickest and a few days ago when it felt like this is lasting forever.
 Welcome to all my new and returning visitors and followers, you make this blog fun and rewarding.
Saturday I am going in to my dear Legacy. The button drawer is full again! That drawer fills up so fast. I have labeled some jars by button size that I will take in.
This hat is huge! I wonder how heavy and comfortable it is(or uncomfortable). This lovely Edwardian lady is so stylish. Can you believe that hat!
The angel painting butterfly wings is so so special. Just melts my heart so sweet.
Children's book illustration.
 Hope you like today's selection and are as glad as I am to be bumbling again. Much love and enjoy, Louise