Monday, August 1, 2011

1890's Antique perfume and soap advertisments,Free graphics for collage and other creative expresions

Complexion powder? Perfume salts? Wonder what ingredients they contained. Regardless of what the original products were made of, the old advertising graphics are safe to use! All free for your use and enjoyment. 

The second post of the day and it is only 8:00pm. Still time for more!
Much love to each and everyone of you, Louise


alveen said...

Hi Louise
Thank you so much for sharing all the lovely graphics that you have posted today. I have just done a catch up on several of your posts, and now of course my image files are much fatter than they were. I love the variety.
Hugs Alveen


Such beautiful graphics here. Found your blog via Cathe Holden, JSIM. Thank you for sharing your collections here. I am dabbling in digital collage and find vintage images such fun to use. Thanks again, and have a great week! ~ Angela

Lilac & Lavender said...

Hello Louise,

I love this post! Wanted to share the free printable gift tags I made, using the English perfume ad featuring the lovely lady smelling crab apple blossoms... here's the link ~ Thank you!!