Saturday, April 17, 2021

Sweet Peas the Second Birth flower for April ~ Free Digital Printies Antique Seed Catalogs & Ephemera

Hi and welcome to one and all! 
This is a second welcome April post.  That's because the month of April has two birth flowers. The daisy and the sweet pea. Today I have pictures of sweet pea flowers to add to the ones of daisies listed on the 1st of April. They have such different qualities! Sweet peas can smell so delightful and there is nothing more cheerful than a daisy. Near my house there is a little patch of wild growing sweet peas that are extra fragrant! I need to see how they are doing this year. Sweet Peas represent; blissful pleasure, kindness and greetings.I send you kindness and greetings. I hope you can blissfully take pleasure in creating something pretty from the pictures!
Much love to you all,