Saturday, April 10, 2021

Playing Hide and Seek in the Garden~ Beautiful Paintings by Charles Curran, James Tissot and James Hayllar

Good afternoon and welcome to my little blog!  
Gardens are blooming. The flowers and sunshine make it hard to stay inside. The painting 'Peonies' by Charles Curran is my inspiration today. The girls expression pulls me right in. What is she thinking? Paintings that spark my curiosity and positive emotions are usually my favorites. So engaging. The sunlight on her hair, cheek and the flowers reminds me of warm lovely days I have spent in my and grandmother's gardens.
Be safe. Be kind. 
Much love to each of you, Louise
by James Hayllar
Peonies by Charles Curran 
Chrysanthemum by James Tissot
Sunshine and Flowers by Charles Curran
by James Fredrick Lewis


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Oh my such pretty paintings!