Thursday, April 1, 2021

April Birthstone and Flower ~ Diamonds and Daisies ~ Antique Button Card~ Postcards

Hello and welcome! 
Already the start of a new month after March went by so quickly. I am pleased to be posting the month's birthstone and flower pictures on time! Finding pictures of daisys is fairly easy because there are lots of antique postcards that feature daisies. In my collection of printer's chapter headings and tail pieces there are plenty that feature daisies.  Still looking around for pictures of diamonds. A separate post is coming that features sweet peas. The United Kingdom birth or month's flower is the daisy while in the United States it is sweet peas. Hope you can use these pretty images in your journals and greeting card creations.
Much love to all of you, Louise
 A repost of a favorite Marjorie Mostyn postcard.
Antique button card.
From an 1880's scrapbook.
Printer's tail piece.


peggy gatto said...

thank you!, Happy Spring

Linda said...

I love the scrapbook image of the girls with the daisy. Thank you for sharing it.💕