Thursday, April 22, 2021

Mud-larking on the River Thames ~ Free Digital Clipart of Swans ~ Paintings by Frederick Leighton & Rupert Bunny ~Antique Postcards & Pearl Button Card.

Hi everyone and welcome! 

 Modern day mud-larking on the river Thames has captured my sense of discovery, curiosity, and looking for treasures from the past. I search old books for pictures and mud-larkers search the Thames river foreshore at low tide. I will try to remember how I stumbled upon mud-larker Nicola White. One thing leading to another because of how Googles searches can be fabulous. My initial search; American tv series The Office > original UK series The Office > actors in the series > Mackenzie Crook > shows he is in > The Detectorist >  metal detecting in England  > documentaries about British history and archeology > British TV series Time Team > Nicola White's Vlog comes up on my You Tube feed. She is a mud-larker! I did not know that such a hobby existed. I now look forward to Nicola's weekly vlog. It is so calming and a distraction, Her enthusiasm and joy in finding broken, discarded and muddy items is so refreshing. I love the scenery and wildlife which is how I arrived at todays theme. Swans. More times than not she shows them floating on the Thames river or foreshore. The first picture is one I have looked at for many years, almost everyday. It was a birthday card that found a permanent spot on my desk. 
I hope you enjoy todays pictures and that you can use them in your journals and mixed media creations.
                                                   Much love to each of you, 

Nicola White's YouTube Mudlarking Vlog


mamafrog said...

Thank you for these!

Bella said...

Such lovely swan images! Thanks!