Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It is a beautiful day!

    The sun is shinning, amazing fall leaves and new images for all you creative lady's.
Taking my shower this morning I realized how positive all the product names are,
 refresh - nourish - breath
Do you have any inspiring things in your shower?
My all time favorite product name is hope in a jar by philosophy@. I purchased it years ago but saved the cute little jar. It is on a shelve in my bathroom so I see it every day. I love little containers and boxes. Actually anything tiny or miniature.
One of these days I will take and share pictures of my 1930's dollhouse for all those dollhouse lovers. The miniatures and furniture were my aunts when she was a little girl. Over the years I have added other 1930's items. Strombecker & Dolly Dear to name a few manufactures. Love that eBay!.

I just tried to enter Cathe Holden's ( at just something i made)giveaway. Not sure how to send my comment after it is filled out. She has fantastic new stamps for Christmas.
On to the pics. of the day!
Cows and farmer. This is from California long ago.
On the road side saddle riding for thes gals.
 1915 Panama Pacific Expo General Electric post card.
Old advertisement for spring Sanborn wagons 1883

Pretty little girl with doll and little boy playing the drums for your scrapbooking.
This is the only the first batch of the day. More to follow. 
I want to post some photographs.
 enjoy Louise 


Lululiz said...

Thanks Louise, they are lovely images.

Louise said...

Dear Lululiz, Thank you for coming by. I love your blog. Lalaland is a state of mind where I am most days.Much love to you and yours, Louise