Monday, November 22, 2010

Santa, a Christmas Tree, Vintage Snowmen,Victorian woman and girl Free for inspired crafters and artists

     Oh happy day. I spent most of the day scanning images for you all. I am still learning how to work with Picasa. Cleaning up the pictures and photographs takes time but is fun to do.
    Normally this is the time of year that I sell on eBay (under id lillyvalleyblue). If I stop sorting buttons and searching for images maybe I will start some auctions. I will let you know if I do. My auctions always start and end on Sundays. There will be lots of vintage jewelry, some ephemera,  American Girl doll stuff and other assorted vintage items.
    Today's post is full of Christmas cheer and two antique photographs.

 The following black and white drawings are from inside really old greeting cards. Look for more of  them in coming posts. I just have to find them! I am really looking forward to Valentines day as most are sweet little valentines. It will be so much fun to list several a day in February.

Thought this is perfect for all those who love snowmen.Great bright colors. This is from an early Christmas card.

So beautiful,another pretty cabinet photograph that I do not know the identity of the person. I am guessing this was taken around 1880-90's.

This little girl does not look to happy. Classic mid 1800's civil war period clothing. Plaid was all the rage thanks to Queen Victoria.
In case you haven't noticed (of course you have!) grammar, punctuation and yes spelling, even with spell check, is a free for all. Sometimes when I post in the middle of the night things get really sloppy. If I have taken night time meds. and stayed up anyway,who knows what will appear. At one time spelling was easy and grammar was second nature. It has been a long time since I have written  and used these skills much so I'm very rusty. I sorta think the great speller is just gone! Things would be atrocious with out spell check. So.. this my official disclaimer,  notice and apology.  Well I feel better!
As always enjoy what you find here, use it freely to create whatever and where ever your artful spirit takes you. Much love to you and your loved ones, Louise


Lululiz said...

I love the portrait of the beautiful lady, it is so charming.

lemondedis said...

encore de bien jolies images... merci de les partager...

Barefootsoul Vintagebits said...

Hello kindred spirit, I enjoyed reading your "About Me" section and oogling all the vintage goodies. I started my blog a few years back and let it sit while life kinda took over everything. I am back and still learning how to even keep a blog, publish etc but I wanted to let you know that I was inspired to find your blog and I hope we can share a button hehe or rather linkie. Wonderful to meet you btw my name is Susan and my blog