Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beautiful frames for scrap booking and altered art. All free clip art.

    Welcome to all the many new and returning friends. Glad you have come for a visit.
  Yesterday I went to Healdsburg, California. Healdsburg has a traditional downtown square edged by stores and businesses. In the middle of wine country it has evolved into a very trendy place. Wonderful shops, bookstores and cafes. The little fabric store is stocked with exquisite fabric some rarely seen in chain stores. The Swiss eyelet trim was so fine it looked handmade. I spent at least an hour if not more slowly looking at every bolt.
These are photos from the web as I did not have a camera with me. Next time I will  take pictures inside some shops that you would just love.
 I really needed to get out of the house and visit with a dear friend.
A while ago I posted an antique marriage certificate. I have since learned how to straighten, crop and paint an image. So here it is again. It is so beautiful!
Another frame from a 1850's invitation

    Well it is time to tend to other things(like hot chocolate) for a while. Much love Louise


Lululiz said...

I am so pleased you re-posted that lovely marriage certificate, it is gorgeous! Thank you so much.

alveen said...

Hello Louise.... Can't help wondering about you as you were a regular blogger and then came to such an abrupt halt (Not like me who just can't get into the posting side of it). I hope all is well and that you will be back again soon. I love your enthusiasm and enjoy reading your posts.

bumble button said...

Hi Alveen, I am fine and it is so nice you asked!There just were other distractions but now I am back. I can't tell you how very nice it was to get your note. Hope you have a really fun day. Much love to you,Louise