Friday, January 28, 2011

Bicycling Cats,Basket of Violets,White dove Early 1900 Vintage postcards Free clip art for you!

As I am sipping my orange juice in California, came across this one so it just had to be posted. remember driving through grove after grove of orange trees when I was a little girl.

Bicycle riding cats. What can I say! Just sorta silly and cute. Early 1900's postcard.
Everyday checking my blogs "stats" is addicting and rewarding. It is hard to imagine how bumble button has continued to grow. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that a blog would be a way to share all my stuff with the world. And world it really is! I have lost count of how many different countries you are all from. Thank you for your visits. Much love to you all, Louise

Sunday, January 23, 2011

1700's Women,Child's photographic portrait,Victorian Girl with a fur muff, Free clip art images for ATC & Scrapbook

Welcome and so glad you have come for a visit.  Today I am posting pretty flowers, lovely little girls, Marie Antoinette era women.
A favorite photograph. This little one is so innocent looking. Wonder what she is thinking?

A lady in a fine powdered wig. circa.1700's  Marie Antoinette's ladies in waiting, gossiping and disapproving of the poor girl! Love the soft muted colors.

I thought this fits the time of year. It has been a very cold year in the USA. Muffs, does anyone still use them?

 I am still amazed at the number of people who are visiting my blog. I enjoy it all the more knowing that you are using the images. Thank you for showing me the things you have created from my old family photographs. Well that is all for today. Much love to you all, Louise

Friday, January 21, 2011

Calling Card Challenge Info What would Jane Austen have said about this?

              I am so new at this!
 I made a challenge but did not figure out how to run it or what a challenge is for that matter. It just looked like fun. What have I happily gotten myself into?. After receiving lots of questions and looking into this further there is obviously more to this          
        The challenge is to make a calling card -
your choice of material
 postcard to business card size.
E-mail a picture of your creation and a link to your blog to me by February 4th 2011.

I will figure this out eventually!!! If the above does not work please let me know. 

an early hand illustrated ink calling card


something for you knitters,
and of course at least one photograph.
I can not wait to see how this challenge goes. Hopefully smoother than it's bumpy start.
Well I need to get this posted before another minute goes by. Much love to you all, Louise

Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank you for the kind words and for visiting.

Hi everyone!!! This is just a quick hello. You have left such nice comments. Thank you so much. I love the feedback. Wednesday I should be able to post pictures again, Thursday for sure when I will have the time to give a proper post. So much for my goal of providing something new everyday!  Until then have fun all you creative friends, followers and new visitors. Much love as always, Louise

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My First Challenge!!! Jane Austen and Victorian Calling Card!

Hello and welcome,  to all new friends and followers and visitors who just stumbled upon
 Bumble Button      
  HOW FUN this blog world is!!!  I just love you all for coming by.
        Is the best way to respond to your comments by e-mail or should I go to your blog and leave a comment??
   Coming across one of your lovely blogs is  like finding the best trading card for a sought after baseball player or when I was young the Beatles! Remember those cards? I think they were in bubble gum wrappers. We would get so excited and put them in our stash to look at over and over.
     I know there are Artist Trading Cards but how about blog trading cards?( or are they the same thing?) real ones in the mail or by email?  Like leaving a calling card in Miss Jane Austen era or Victorian times.
      Is this how a challenge works?  If so than this will be my first challenge!!!

  Bumble Button is pleased to announce my first CHALLENGE!!!
  Create a calling card
 What ever that means to you.
Out of what ever you like,simple or fancy.

 Let's see.. Then I will make one to send to you. Should these be sent by email? or real mail?I could post them on my blog so every one can see!! ( if you are shy say "just for you" not for posting).
    Let's see...I will post them once a week say...on Monday's? Well there you go the challenge is on!!  Any guidance or suggestions regarding a challenge please fill me in?
     I can not tell you how tickled pink I am about this! Love Love a project!!
I just have to post this now. Photographs etc to come latter
Much love to all , Louise
P.S. Dear Andrea ask about the size. I hadn't thought of that. so  2" x 3"  or up to 3"x 4" sounds about right.
Now I will be making my own  very first ever little collage,paper thingy. L.B Bumble

Fairy, Roses, ribbons and lace ruffles too! Charming Little Girls Victorian images

Hi everyone!
          Thank you for your kind words and for continuing to visit Bumble Button.
    This is button delivery day for the Legacy!. So all you button collectors who can come to the store  come on in. Thursday afternoons when the store is open until 6 works for me. I am always staying up into the wee hours so making it between 10 and 4 just never seems to happen. The Thursday gals are so nice and fun to see. Because they are all donated I never know what I will find in my drawer in the backroom.
    Here are a few pictures for today. This collection is full of pink roses, little girls and fairies. These are from various sources. I did not keep track so thank you to who ever.

Hope this finds you all warm and cozy. A perfect time to make a girly tag or card.
Much love to you all, Louise

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

clip art for scrap booking ATC crafts 1920's Flappers Hats Edwardian Girls Sweet Victorian Baby

   Hi and welcome to visitors and my followers!
   Today was an actual a craft day for me. I am trying to make a bracelet out of baby shell buttons. Shell buttons that still have their luster are like pearls to me. The itty bitty baby ones are beyond cute. I have tried to polish older ones with baby oil. It works except for really old and scratch ones. In the future I'd like to decorate a purse and a throw pillow. When I visit other blogs it amazes me at how prolific some of you crafty creative ones are!
    Looking into files for something fun to post resulted in this potpourri.                              
  A few fashion plates from the 1920's. What any flapper would love.
from an old magazine
A entry wouldn't be complete without at least one photograph.

Lady like activities for young ladies..
This is just a quick post. Hope you are are finding time for creating lots of fun and beautiful things. Much love, Louise

Lovely Lady's in Beautiful & Romantic Historic dresses costumes of the day 1700's & 1800's

         5-16-2012 Making repairs to my blog. Lots of images will need to be reposted.  Hi everyone! As promised here are several pictures of old paintings.  All so romantic, feminine and gentile women. Just think of the work to make and maintain these beautiful dresses. One reason I had collected these picture was for reference. At one time I was making historical costumes for Felicity the American Girl or Pleasant Company doll. But now just enjoy them.
 I just found two of the prettiest blogs!! one is carol anne boutique and feathers and flight . I feel quite shabby now!!!

Hope you enjoy these masterpiece images, Louise