Friday, February 18, 2011

Tinted antique photograph of little boy, Cottage frame,1920's -1930's Laundry, 1800s Bride

A new day, new pretty images for you! So much fun finding these various pictures to add to your projects,collage, ATC etc.. Some I select because I am drawn to them some just because they are interesting and of course if they seem to be what I think you would like. Enjoy and create something special.

This little boy's long hair and sweet face could easily belong to a little girl.

Love this picture. I may have already posted this but this little one is so charming so had to include it.

My favorite time period. I always like to see clothes,styles and colors used.

Probably from the 1890's
 Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the Legacy. Welcome to all you new and returning visitors. Hope you have a good day and as always much love to you all,Louise


Charlene said...

I wish I looked so serene while doing the laundry as the woman in that image! Thanks for sharing.

Isabeau and Mischief said...

well you have done it again. How do you do that? Been looking for cottage, Thank You for your time and generosity.


Sheila A. said...

I enjoy your blog so, so much and always find something I "must" work with. Thank you for your generosity and inspiration.