Thursday, March 3, 2011

1900's children's book illustration and shoe.Antique Tinted photograph, Frame etc...Free Clip Art

     5-16-2012 Making repairs to my blog. Lots of images will need to be reposted
  Dear visitors and followers, welcome!
     Were have I been you may wonder. Just sick and cranky! Today I actually feel better.Since I have not posted for so long this post is rich with lots of pretty pictures.
      Do you know about swap playing cards? I have just discovered them! In an old scrap book,late 1930's, there are pages of single playing cards pasted inside. Originally I thought it was a fun hobby my aunt did. Now I have found out that these are collectible and people still collect single swap playing cards. Isn't that fun! They are very securely glued onto the pages and I am not really sure how to best remove them. I soaked a test one in water and it worked but I do not want to ruin some of the other cards. Any suggestions?
     I just love those decorated little match boxes so I hunted around and found a little box that has a drawer.It has to have a drawer. So glad I did not throw it away! It is going through it's make over and hopefully will turn out nicely.
I love the mountains! This reminds me of Glacier National Park in Montana. It has been a very long time since my last camping trip. Might not be so easy to sleep in a tent at this point! I am much slower at getting up.

Isn't this lovely. turn of the century illustration.
When I came across this shoe I just had to post it. It was in excellent shape and so pretty and feminine.

Well there you have it. New pics for your scrap booking, ATC and collage projects. Have fun and enjoy creating. Much love as always Louise


Petite Michelle Louise said...

lovely pictures. thanks for sharing! I've heard of playing card swaps! i'd love to start a collection of them as i am especially fond of the older playing cards. so many beautiful graphics on them all. As for your stash..try a hair dryer to help remove them safely.

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Louise, Sounds like that could be a FUN game.
I found this link that I thought you might like to look at..
* IF it does not click to the link just cut and paste it into Google..
This gal has quit a collection.


bumble button said...

Rose, Thank you for the link to patras cards.Another example of "If it was made, it will be collected"!
Petite Michelle Louise, Thank you for the tip. You have a beautiful blog!!So glad you left a comment so I could find you.
Love to you both, Louise

Lululiz said...

Lovely varied selection of images again, thank you!. I had never heard of swap cards before, sounds rather interesting though. Must have a look at that link.

Plush Possum Studio said...

What a pretty place this is! So inspiring! We'll be back!
Rose & Studio Friends

Elaine Akers said...

Just found your blog while I was blog hopping this morning. The photos you have shared are just lovely. I am off to sign up as a follower.

Primitive Seasons said...

How about steam to separate them from the backing paper?


mitzijalexander said...

I enjoyed your post. I am fascinated with this vintage collecting of cards. Did people trade them for the image on the front of the cards? I would be interested in seeing a pics of the scrapbook where they are in. As for your removing them I use a product called "undo". It is what I have used in scrap booking to remove old photos from magnetic albums and it has worked every time without damaging the photos. I also saw this online concerning the Undo vs grip solvent. Added the link for you to see.
Thanks for your interesting blog.

bumble button said...

Hi mitzijalexander
Thank you for the wonderful comment and your hints about removing the cards. My aunt was born in 1927 and it was her scrap book. I am quessing she would of collected them between 10-16 years old. The scrap book was small and most of the cards and pictures have been removed now. Your a dear for hints and link. Louise

Zaichick the flying rabbit (aka Shannon K. Thomson) said...

your images are absolutely lovely! I am so glad I found your blog! Thank you for sharing these. :)

-Shannon Thomson

annabelle said...

What a lovely blog you have. I just came across it by accident but what a happy accident! Thank you so much for sharing. You have a new fan.

annabelle said...

I came across your lovely blog by accident, but I'm so glad I did! Thank you so much for sharing and what an evocative name. You have a new fan.