Thursday, June 16, 2011

A new blog to visit. antique postcards late 1800's little child in a shell and little birds

      Have to tell you about this blog!!! It was one of my "traffic sources" so I checked it out and it is so pretty! love the ideas. I have an old parasol that I can not wait to redo based on what she has done. There is a translation button thank goodness!!

    Also after pondering what to do with my bathroom for some time I feel inspired!!! Now I know what I want to do after seeing all the white and silver gray on Tineskcreatvehjorne. Silver gray walls, white frames, silver vases with white flowers, spray paint some metal thingy's silver and make a beautiful lace duvet into a shower curtain. Tending to be slow at these things I'll post how it turns out(probably in a few years!!)
Hope you enjoy and create with the sweet pictures. Much love to you all, Louise

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