Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beautiful and cheery pictures from antique postcards and paintings to celebrate the first day of August

Hi everyone! How fast the days slip by... In between the buttons,washing every piece of my fabric stash and other fun things, I have been keeping up with the political maneuvering in
Washington. They seem to be finally working things out. The next few days will be interesting.
It is August first! how did that happen?
On Thursday I had the nicest visit at the legacy. There was time for going through some of the quilt fabric after tidying up the buttons. I found lots of pretty fabric. When I got home it was time for organisation and cleaning. I washed out the containers and added a few more to hold all the new and old fabrics.  One thing I love is that every scrap will be clean and ready to sew with. As some of you know washing all those fat quarters and raw edged yardage results in a lot of loose thread and knots of fabric!  One big ball of mess. There are still a few small loads left to do, but then it will be done forever. From now on anything new will be washed before it is put away.
I have a few new images for you. The aqua or teal blue color brought this varied group together. Hope you like them.
love, Louise

This sweet angel was on a Valentines card.

Such a beautiful painting!

I know it isn't new years but she just could not wait that long.

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Clear Crick Cottage said...

Beautiful art! I love these.
The photos in the next posting are wonderful of the children - the little lacy boy with the tilted hat is something I've only ever seen in a drawing!! Thank you so much for all your hard work Louise!