Saturday, February 25, 2012

Favorite things, Love and Sharing and Lovely Paintings

*Remember favorite things*
cats sleeping in the sun or curled up beside me
kind loving people
art and creative expression
a good book
illustrations from children's books
 British dramas on Masterpiece Classics (PBS)
lace, lace and more lace
buttons  shell,antique vegetable ivory, glass, twinkles
                anything itty bitty and tiny
my down comforter
and of course my beloved family

  Remembering  who and what one loves fills me with peace and serenity. All smiley inside.I hope you feel the same after seeing today's pictures.  Love Louise

My daffodils are up!


Astrid Maclean said...

So pretty, love them!

mariajo said...

Unas escenas maravillosas, como todo lo que nos muestras, a mi que soy una enamorada de todo lo antiguo me alegran el dia estas imágenes. Un beso desde Granada (España)

B. said...

Perfect symbols of a happy spring.

Páginas de Rose said...

This beautiful images.
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thank you dear friend.

fatmi said...

So pretty wall pages, I'd like to use them for my desktop.

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Sheila A. said...

These are precious, aren't they? Love them.

Lou Anne said...

Those pictures really made my day! Thank you.

MeinLilaPark said...

Your blog is just amazing – I love it already.
Thanks for sharing all these beautiful images!

Tracy W said...

I am shocked that it took me so long to find you. But I'm here now and I have spent a wonderful morning viewing your entire blog and have procrastinated hugely about doing anything else until I was finished.
Please know that your images are amazing, like nothing I have found anywhere else. Bumble Button is now bookmarked and I will be visiting often!
I also wanted to comment about how excited I am to hear about Legacy in Sebastopol. I live here!!!!!!! What rock have I been under not to know about it? I will be stopping by soon.

Al said...

I just found your fantastic blog! I am your newest follower. Your images are quite lovely. I look forward to checking in often. -Al